Technorati Respects Requests For Authority

    October 17, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The ability to filter posts by authority has returned to Technorati as part of a recent update, and the charts are back, too.

Angry Technorati users blasted the blog search site for some of the changes they made to the service. Removing authority and charts from the site made a number of people unhappy.

Former Technorati CEO David Sifry said the company has unmade these unpopular changes:

First off, doing a search now brings up a full list of posts, not just a select list of the top 3 tagged posts. We still default you to tagged posts (they’re often more relevant than just keyword matches), but you can easily toggle between tags and full keyword information.

We also brought back the authority filter and the charts, and you can see them on the right hand side of the page. And yes Virginia, you can now easily set your default filter to whatever you like, and it is sticky between sessions (as long as you’re on the same computer, of course).

During Technorati’s move to a stronger colocation facility to host the site, their performance suffered and frustrated users. Sifry said the move has been completed, giving Technorati much better stability and performance.