Technorati Relaunches with Unique Content

Changes Top 100 Blogs Processing

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Technorati has launched a new version of its site. Among the changes is a feature that lets users post content directly to the site. This pretty much gives authors a chance to promote their blogs with links from their profile pages, while giving Technorati itself some unique content.

Another significant change to Technorati is to its Top 100 Blogs. "Until today, the top 100 blogs were determined based on unique links from other blogs during the previous six months," explains well-known blogger Michael Arrington. "The top list was fairly static. Now they are focusing much more on recent data within the last month and giving blogs an authority rank between 1 – 1,000. Scoring factors include posting frequency, context, linking behavior and “other inputs.” The result, says the company, is a lot more volatility in the lists as blogs surge up and down."

In addition, Technorati also categorizes blogs by a number of topics, and provides lists of top blogs by topic.

Technorati Redesign

One might expect a site like Technorati to have suffered as a result of the "Twitter revolution," but according to data from Compete, Technorati.com is bringing in more unique monthly visitors than it was a year ago. To me, this is a good indication that traditional blogs are just as in-demand as ever.

The redesign still appears to have a few kinks. For example, I am having a hard time subscribing to RSS feeds, and am instead receiving error messages. Kinks are to be expected with new designs, however, and they will likely be worked out.

Following are a few past WebProNews interviews with Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra, in which he talks about standing out in the digital age, his first year at Technorati, and more.



Technorati Relaunches with Unique Content
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  • http://eFilmRoom.com Steve

    I was a little surprised that some of my sites jumped in authority while others lost some. Not sure if this is a permanent change or just some weight bug like the monster escaping.

  • http://deck-boards.com toni

    1-verification often doesn’t work

    2- rarely see traffic from it

    3- Doesn’t pass page rank

    4- do they still demand a link t them on your blog?

    5- Uses links to determines which sites are most importnat (even google is shying away from that)

    6- their SE sucks (see above), it’s difficult t find content even when you know the title

    7- No useful tools
    etc. etc.

    Is there something I’m missing? Can someone (who isn’t on their front page) say anything good about them?

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