Technorati Has Its Favorites

    February 22, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A new feature on the Technorati blog search site lets users dub blogs as Favorites; users can track those blogs for updates and share those Favorites with others.

Technorati users can have up to 50 blogs in their Favorites. Once in that list, those blogs will be monitored, and users can search within all of the Favorites. The new feature enables sharing, with all Favorites being public, demonstrated with a quartet of celebrity bloggers giving others a look at their favorite blogs.

Derek Powazek posted details (and exclamation points) about the Favorites feature recently:

We’ve made it as easy as possible to add blogs to your Favorites. All over Technorati, just click the star icon to add that blog to your favorites. Looking for good blogs on a certain topic? Check out Blog Finder and add blogs from there!

There’s also a bookmarklet you can take with you, so you can add to your favorites wherever you browse (get it on the Favorites Help page). And if you use another subscription tool or service, you can export your subscriptions and import them using the Favorites Importer!

But the best part is that now you can search just your favorite blogs. The second tab on every keyword search result is now “Your Favorites” – click it to search just your favorite blogs.

Users can use a bookmarklet to add blogs to their Favorites list from a browser. Also, the Favorites Importer lets users import the OPML or XOXO file with their current feed reader subscriptions into Favorites so they can be viewed and tracked with the Favorites feature.

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