Technorati Charging Up The Buzz Monitor

    October 2, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

An announcement of the forthcoming newsletter from the blog search engine sounds like a similar offering to that done by online feedreader Rojo.

Each week, the Technorati Buzz Monitor will drop into inboxes on Fridays. Here is the company’s description of the publication:

The Buzz Monitor will be your weekly update of what’s happening on the web, right now. We’ll pipe you headlines from the blogosphere, photos from our members, tips and tricks for our publishers, and guides for our users. All this delivered fresh to your inbox each week courtesy of the world’s leading index of user-generated media.

We have seen Rojo send out something like this for a few months now.

The top stories seen on the site get collected on the Rojo blog, and that entry also whooshes out to Rojo’s users by email.

Technorati’s launch (actually a relaunch after a year’s hiatus) of their weekly newsletter did not go off as smoothly as founder Dave Sifry anticipated.

He discussed the mailing announcement on the Technorati blog:

Since it’s been a long time since we sent out a newsletter, we wanted to make sure that people who had forgotten about their Newsletter preferences had a chance to opt out again just in case they weren’t interested any more in getting a newsletter from us.

So, we sent out that email this morning.

Now here’s the whoops – we messed up when we sent out that email. We tried to do everything the right way – we used a third party provider that handles unsubscribes, handles full mailboxes, and makes sure to put in a “Unsubscribe” link that is personalized for each person getting the email. The idea is to make it really easy for people to stop getting the newsletter.

The only problem was that we messed up the link.

The bad link leads directly to a user’s Technorati profile, instead of to a third party provider of services that would handle the unsubscribe in a very direct fashion.

“That wasn’t well thought out, and I apologize,” Sifry wrote.

Apparently some found the prospect of logging in to their Technorati profile and unchecking the option to receive the newsletter a distasteful one and made their displeasure known.

Going to the profile signing page could have proven inconvenient to those who had forgotten their usernames or passwords for those profiles.


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