TechCrunch Web 2.0 Documentary Remix

    August 11, 2006

Robin Good decided that 1/8 of the recent TC Web 2.0 Documentary was worthwhile:

Couldn’t I remix and edit this video into my own version of what was really meaningful for me and my audiences?

Isn’t that what the Web 2.0 spirit is all about?

I then decided to take humble self-permission to follow the very advice that IS inside that video documentary, and as a my Robin Good name warrants, I took all the time needed to capture, re-encode, edit and republish the whole video into my own 3-minute remix of what I think, is the best from Michael Arrington great video effort.

I think it’s a valuable effort but even with 3-minutes there are still too many buzzwords and generalities to make it digestible to the non-tech savvy crowdbut I’ll let you decide.


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