Taylor Swift: New Song Rips Apart Boyfriend, But Which One?

    August 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Taylor Swift has always straddled the line between country and pop, but a new single called “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” seems to have her dipping her toe more into the pop side of things…and, not surprisingly, fans want to know which relationship she’s talking about.

Swift is infamous for writing about her breakups and making the guys she’s loved look like heartless jerks; John Mayer said he was “humiliated” when he heard “Dear John”, off her 2010 album “Speak Out”. In the past, she’s flayed Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal and lamented her breakup with Taylor Lautner through her lyrics; it’s surprising that potential paramours aren’t more cautious with her feelings, knowing everything about a relationship with her could lead to a musical bashing.

Now, it’s unclear just who she’s talking about, although some think she’s still getting in digs at John Mayer, mostly because of the line “hiding away with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine”. Because the song is obviously so personal–she delves into fights the couple had and the “make-up/break-up” aspect of a relationship that’s so infuriating–fans are eager to know which beau she’s targeting. Of course, she could be throwing everyone for a loop by incorporating several boyfriends into one song. We may never know, unless Swift decides to tell us. For now, she’s only giving sarcastic hints:

“This is a really, really romantic song. It’s really touching and sensitive … to my lovely ex-boyfriend. I’m trying not to be too cryptic about it, but I’m trying also not to give it away.”

  • M Bauer

    The album was not called “Speak Out” it was called “Speak Now”.

    • Lauren L.

      THANK YOU!!!! :) ^^

  • http://WebproNews Emory Hamilton

    Taylor Swift should be known as the Drama Queen of Country Music. I use to like her, but cant stand her now…

  • Emily Simmons

    I love this song!!! Cool vid too:)

  • CaptainObvious

    Duh. It’s about Mick Jagger.

  • Rob

    First: Amazing song. Love it so much.

    Second: Her album is called “Speak Now”‘ not “Speak Out”.

  • zoe lynne

    its Speak Now like these journalists and writers need to know their stuff right

  • amartinez

    her album is called speak now not speak out

  • Lazet

    In response to the comment“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” seems to have her dipping her toe more into the pop side of things–
    Let’s be real, Taylor Swift has always been pop…country just decided to “adopt” her.

  • Renee