Taylor Swift Left Los Angeles Because of Selena Gomez?

    May 4, 2014
    Rachel Kolman
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Taylor Swift seems to be loving her big new move from Los Angeles to New York City. Taylor, 24, has been seen with new gal pals Lorde, Katy Perry, and Lena Dunham after her and former BFF Selena Gomez parted ways. There’s plenty of speculation on just why Taylor left LA for NYC – was it due in part to her falling out with Selena? Apparently, the famous friends have a disagreement over Selena’s boyfriend Justin Bieber, whom Taylor publicly disapproves of. Looks like Selena chose Justin over Taylor, and she had enough. But was it enough to spark a move?

It may have influenced Taylor’s decision, but really, it was the city itself that Taylor was drawn to! Swift is currently writing her next album and wanted to be inspired by New York during that process. Hollywood Life reports: “Taylor feels very creative when she’s [in NYC], it’s inspiring her to create. It’s such a different head space than Nashville or LA, she loves all three places but right now New York is more her speed.”

We can definitely tell Taylor’s loving New York – she’s been spotted out and about nearly every day in stunning outfits for trips to the gym, dinner, and shopping with her new friends. Selena who?

Although she seems to be loving her independence, we’re all secretly hoping that Taylor and Selena will reconcile. With Justin Bieber cozying up to Kylie Jenner, looks like Selena’s left out in the cold, and might need pal Taylor by her side. Hollywood Life says, “Taylor’s hopeful that they will eventually be friends again. She misses Selena, but she’s not interested in being friends with her if Justin’s in her life. Taylor thinks he’s like an addiction for Selena and she’s not going to enable her. This is tough love, but for sure Taylor still loves Selena, she always will.”

Only time will tell! One things for sure – we’ll be dying to hear how New York plays into Taylor’s songwriting, and if any of the Taylor/Selena/Justin drama will play out in a new song. Let us know soon, Taylor!

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  • dan21

    Taylor is a superstar with A-list friends. Selena was like a little sister, but they always had different friends. The idea Swift would move to NYC to get away from Gomez is, of course, laughable. Gomez seems set in adolescence for the time being. She’s made up with her new BFFs Kendall 18 and Kylie16. She blames infamous Justin Bieber for any misbehaving. Really kids stuff.

    The one truth is–Selena was in rehab for a “person” addiction, namely Bieber. Yes, it can happen. No matter how bad he is for her, much like an addict, he’s like a drug she can’t resist. (There have been reports on sites such as TMZ that she also has problems with alcohol and Ambien. Also, that her parents kicked her out of the house because of her drinking and Bieber)
    The fact is, Taylor and Demi Lovato have had nothing to do with Selena since Selena left her 6 week rehab program after only 2weeks. It’s called tough love. They won’t see Selena, or act like all is okay, while Selena is still “in her addiction” and refusing help. Selena–and perhaps her new manager–would like people to believe Selena ditched Taylor, rather than the truth coming out. And of course it does make B-list Selena sound powerful. Yes, the girl who chums with the teen ajenners, addicted to Bieber–chosing to end things with Swift? One would assume Ms. Gomez finds partying, booze and drugs more exciting? It does seem she has the amazing ability to ride the coattails of superstars–Swift, Bieber, Perry–so see where she land next!

    • Lil Zane ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      i dont know 1 song by taylor swift

  • Ardeare

    I got those 2 on my bucket list!

  • ernest b

    Selena still gets with the Bieber kid! I would run the other way too! You go Taylor you have way too much class for all that L.A. crap.

  • Christ is coming24

    Friends come and go. It happens and they are both at that age where people become adults and realize who may become their BFFs and mean it. Who doesn’t. I wish them both the best, but I realize Selena Gomez may have develop a heartache watching Beiber make a huge public idoit of himself. Maybe when they break up again she will go for another guy in her age group. She is cute enough to get anyone. I like Taylor’s outfits for NYC through, I can’t wait to hear her music. I don’t like a lot of country music, but I like her’s, Shania, and Carrie. I do agree, I think Taylor moved to NYC since she has more producers, etc. in NYC and Nashville, TN whereas Selena Gomez is more based in New Mexico and L.A., California, and Florida based for acting and music.

  • jw

    OMG she has no boyfriend drama so now she disses her so called friends? Watch out people she will turn on you too just to get press time. She needs to grow up, she is an adult not a teenager anymore. She is panicking because she isn’t in the news anymore. You aren’t that important.

    • Brian

      Sheep. You actually think this is a 100% legit story? That’s sad.

  • cathy kios hemios

    i love selena,demi,taylor……i can wait to hear your voice and i like that song(CRAZIeR)by taylor…<3 y'all

  • Eliza

    I’ll be here for the funeral…

  • Donna Ellen Rubino

    some friend, i love you but i wont be friends with you because i dont approve of your boyfriend???!!! how about all the asshole this scrawny no talent broad has been with, did selena ditc
    h her when she was screwing the whore master John Mayer???

  • Jeff

    So Taylor is in NYC. Selena is an idiot for dating Justin. Could be just coincidence. So Tay Tay go hang with GaGa she’ll show you NYC.

  • PopCult USA

    Swifties and Selenators: Hollywood Life has LIED TO YOU ALL. We have photo evidence that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were not feuding as Hollywood Life has told you to make fans go to war with each other. PLEASE STOP BATTLING EACH OTHER and UNITE TOGETHER!

    Here is a picture of Taylor, Selena and Karlie Kloss at the Met Gala tonight.