Taylor Swift Is The Artist Of The Year


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Taylor Swift has had one of the most successful years in her music career this year. Not only did she release her top-selling album, Red, she also was awarded the Pinnacle Award during the CMA Awards and was awarded the American Music Awards artist of the year for the third time on Sunday night.

Swift also won the country album of the year for her hit album, Red, and favorite female country and pop/rock artist.

"'Red' is very different than any album I've made before and the reason I was able to do that was because of the fans," Swift said. "I cannot believe what you've done in the last year. This album came out almost exactly a year ago and the fact that 6 million of you went out and bought it is crazy."

Since its release in October 2012, Red has sold 3.8 million copies. Swift talked to Billboard backstage during the AMAs and said that her fifth album may be coming a lot sooner than expected.

"We got a lot already," says Swift. "There are probably seven or eight [songs] that I know I want on the record. It's really ahead of schedule for me. I'm just stoked because it's already evolved into a new sound, and that's all I wanted. And I would have taken two years to make that happen, but it just kind of happened naturally, so that's all I could really ask for."

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