Taylor Swift Is Dead? New York Mural Suggests So


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What would the world do without Taylor Swift?

A mural of the singer recently popped up in New York and strangely enough, it seems to suggest that Swift is dead. The mural shows the image of a young woman, who could really be any woman, but next to the image are the words “RIP Taylor Swift.”

The mural was painted by Antonio “Chico” Garcia, who says the boutique owners, who own the wall where the mural was painted, hired him for the job.

Kara Mullins and Osvaldo Jimenz co-own the store and confirmed that they did request the mural and said that they even had an argument about who Garcia would paint. They also said that they are happy with the way the mural turned out.

“It was intense,” Jimenz said to Yahoo Style. “Kara felt we should do a dead celebrity. I didn’t really care for it because why tie ourselves to a dead stranger’s brand? We are trying to make our own wave. But as they say ‘happy wife, happy life,’ and I conceded. Once we started looking at names I again got frustrated and in a fit of exhaustion said, ‘F*** that let’s do a memorial for someone alive — like Taylor Swift?’ After laughing to tears and some much-needed make-up sex, the rest is history.”

Jimenz also said that he likes the fact that the mural doesn’t necessarily look like Swift and claims that the mystery is part of Garcia’s magic.

“Growing up we thought his work was hilarious,” he added. “It was always a joke amongst my friends as to what celebrity he was actually painting. The celebrities never looked like the actual celebrity, some of the figures were deformed, and the perspective would be all wrong to the point that you would argue anyone could do them using the opposite of their writing hand. But he belonged to us.”

Wonder what Taylor thinks of the mural?