Taylor Swift Hires Publicist to Combat Bad Press

By: Pam Wright - April 21, 2014

Singer Taylor Swift, in an effort to counter some really bad press of late, has hired publicist Tree Paine to handle her PR.

“There isn’t a publicist in NY, LA or Nashville that wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to work with someone as talented as Taylor Swift and her management team,” Paine said.

Paula Erickson represented the 24-year-old Grammy-award winning singer for the past seven years until she resigned in March.

After signing on with Swift, Paine set up a new PR company called Premium PR with a website in the works. She has worked with both the Academy of Country Music and Warner Music’s Nashville operations.

Paine sure doesn’t waste any time. She has already been busy promoting and shooting down false stories on behalf of her new client.

Swifters seem to approve her choice of Paine as her new publicist.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons

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  • tiffany

    Taylor didn’t just hire a publicist, all celebrities have publicists.She just changed publicist
    After 7 years the the same one. And get real, any Swiftie knows there are tons of bs rumours about Taylor all the time that Need to be shot down.