Taylor Swift Covers Eminem’s Lose Yourself [Audio]

    November 13, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Have you ever caught yourself wanting to hear a cover of Eminem’s classic song “Lose Yourself” by Taylor Swift? If you answered no, then you are probably one of the normal ones, and are not alone.

For anyone who is curious to hear what such a thing would be like, the young country singer, Taylor Swift, decided to cover Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” for her fans.

She will certainly be getting attention after this act, and drastically changing the way anyone who hears her version will think of the song in the future.

“Lose Yourself” is certainly one of Eminem’s most popular, and it even won him an Oscar for the part that it played in the 2002 film, 8 Mile.

Swift is only 23-years-old, and her countrified version of “Lose Yourself” is certainly an interesting one, as she sings it with her guitar too. Ironically, it is not the first time that she covered Eminem’s hit song, in fact, she performed it on stage in 2011 too.

E Online mentions that she did not miss a beat while singing Eminem’s famous lyrics, and also added a bit of her signature country style to the tune, making it her own. Who knew that rap and country could be combined?

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s cover of “Lose Yourself?” Discuss in the comments.

She performed her rendition of “Lose Yourself” on Froggy Radio’s The Danger Show, which is hosted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She did an impromptu version of the song, and luckily it was recorded, because it has now gone viral.

Tonight, she appeared at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which will be recorded, and broadcast on CBS on December 10.

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  • Erika Watts

    Taylor Swift’s birthday = the day that music died.

  • http://www.daoneandonly.net Bobby Miker

    I got a picture of her on my phone when she’s posing for a diet coke
    ad. and i gotta say she looks hot especially when she’s barefoot. but
    depite it all Taylor Swift doing a cover to Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself” is so 2011. if she wanted to do a cover of “Just Lose It”
    why couldn’t she do it from the get-go. i mean she has a lot of never
    butchring people’s songs from the original cover, but come on “Eminem”
    now let’s be for real did she ask Eminem for permission to do a cover
    of his song? i don’t think so. i’m about to go on youtube.com right now and hear this s##t. i didn’t hear the song yet, but you be the judge. if i like it. i will give a good rating. if i don’t like it, then i’m going give a bad rating. i’m not a critic, but i just speak my mind on how i like stuff. to be real honest i think it might be bad but let me listen to it right now.

  • http://www.daoneandonly.net Bobby Miker

    Oh god. this cover of Eminem’s song is horrible. i Knew it was going be bad. i just heard it on youtube.com and it is real stupid. she cant
    rap. if she ever did this in Eminem’s hometown she would be the laughing stock of detroit. hey Taylor Swift! you’re a good singer and
    all but please don’t ever rap again. stick to doing country music. and
    your lucky “Eminem” didn’t sue you because if he did i would of felt bad for you. anyways i give this song 1 star. this cover of Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself” sucks. and i gotta say Weird Al’s version was better. it made more sense and it was more longer. end of story.