Taylor Swift: Boyfriend Kidnapping Rumors Aren’t True

    October 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Taylor Swift has made a lot of headlines lately regarding her boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, and an alleged wedding crash that sent rumors spiraling all over the web. Now, she’s addressing them in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, saying it was all a big misunderstanding.

News reports recently said that Swift missed her boyfriend so much, she had a private jet pick him up without telling his parents. The New York Post quoted a “source”, saying, “Taylor missed Conor so much, she sent a plane for him a few days later. He’s been with her ever since, and his family doesn’t know when he will be back. Things have become so serious between them so fast that no one in Hyannis Port would be surprised if they eloped.”

Swift responded to the allegations incredulously, saying, “How did I kidnap him?! You can’t kidnap a grown man! These are serious accusations, now! It’s an interesting way to spin something into a story. See, this is why I don’t read stuff.”

Despite the news that the Kennedy family has grown very fond of Swift, rumors soon began to fly that she and Conor crashed the wedding of a Kennedy family member, confirmed by Kathie Lee Gifford on “Today”.

“He got in touch with her an hour earlier and said, basically, ‘Can I bring my girlfriend?’ ” Gifford said. “[It was] a beautiful sit-down dinner that had been planned for months.”

She later said she wasn’t sure that Swift knew she hadn’t been invited, but the damage had already been done. As for Swift, she says she has no idea what happened.

“I think that story was based on the biggest misunderstanding, ’cause I would never knowingly show up somewhere that I thought I wasn’t invited to,” she told Rolling Stone. “And I would never want to upstage anybody.”

  • xx

    I believe her.


    I think that with the exeption of President Kennedy Daughter the rest of the group are not worth two nickels rubbed together TAYLOR SWIFT is to good for this low class left over family. The Kennedys are a disgrace. I would tell Taylor Swift to be careful for one of them did kill a girl on one of their property and poor little so call Uncle TEDDY got another girl killed and his wife became and alcoholic because of the abuse that she encountered by this so call Kennedy’s. They should feel proud that Taylor Swift would even seat next to them. What happend to the Kennedys so call manners it seems that they have none.

    • Andrew Gall

      I agree with you completely. She is much too classy for that trash!

    • Linda

      You are so right! RUN TAYLOR RUN!!!!! As fast as you can away from that family!! Look at all the controversy already and it’s only been about 3 months since they have been seeing each other! Taylor is a very smart girl, but no match for that clan!!



  • Andrew Gall

    I wish I was her boyfriend and she kidnapped me!

  • Linda

    My biggest wish for Taylor is she run as fast as she can AWAY from that Kennedy family! They chew people up and spit them out, particularly the women who get involved with them….some of you may not remember,but one name comes to mind, Mary Jo Koepekne…..as well as many others, ….just sayin…….

  • tricia

    Leave the kids alone! They are real people Too! You can not kidnap the willing. Focus on your own life Is way more screwed up than hers.

  • lol

    NO TAYLOR! You’ll get the Kennedy curse! We don’t want to lose you in some awful weird accident!

  • lynpho

    Taylor Swift should stay away from that family. I think someone put a curse on the Kennedy’s. She should not get involve with them at all. History speaks itself.

  • Donna Rose

    Who are you to be critical of anyone? Just what have you done for this country? It’s astonishing regarding the stupidity of the remarks made here. Trash? Well, how about looking in the mirror?

  • http://NationalShowTickets.com David Decker

    Taylor Swift is one of the purest people I know and would never do anything to be anywhere she is not wanted. She is a truly kind and loving person and certainly during a wedding would never upstage the bride.

    • The Mick

      She may be sweet and pure and kind and rich, but her monotone voice is da pits.

  • Mary

    Why are they writing “parents”? His mother is dead. Isn’t Taylor also involved with Patrick Schwartzenegger? She’s got a little crazy going on..

    • Marilyn

      No she’s not involved with Schwartzenegger’s kid! That was a RUMOR! Yes she’s friends with him but she never had a relationship with him.

  • Drake Swift

    I love Taylor Swift and i feel that she should stay away from the Kennedy’s. I don’t want her career to be ruined just because of the stories regarding the Kennedy’s.

    If she does break up with him, i want to be her next boyfriend. That would be the BEST!!!

  • Mark

    Once this relationship goes south, there will be another song written by Taylor, remember, You heard it here first

  • Agnes

    I always admired Taylor Swift for all she is and does, but if she gets involved with a Kennedy I will lose all respect for her. She is a grown woman and should know all the Kennedy history before she makes a big mistake.

    • Diana

      Oh Agnes be real….don’t judge Connor by the sins of the Kennedy’s, that’s stupid

    • Diana Spencer

      IF she gets involved? Where have you been – under a rock?????? She IS involved!

  • Steve

    You cannot fault Taylor for liking the young Kennedy. And you cannot hold the sins of the family against him either, unless he proves otherwise.

  • Nerfme

    Leave her alone! She is one of so-few, bright stars on the horizon……

  • http://YAHOO TINK




    • Diana Spencer

      So it’s ok to upstage the bride on HER day? I think not! Taylor Swift should have been booted out the flippin’ door!

  • koala

    OMG they’re having a good time and if they like each other so be it………no one should judge their relationship – seems they’re happy with each other – perhaps being happy for them might help make a nice relationship work………………………and as for Kathy Lee – pleaseeee Kathy “uninvited” – it even says he asked if he could bring her – you joining the cast of TMZ or something?

  • selena

    this story is insane

  • joey

    get lives, people.

    • http://writer60.blogspot.com James Kaye

      If Taylor is having trouble finding a real boyfriend, I would be happy to hang out with her. I am age 61 and live in a small town in rural Wisconsin. Most of the women I date are ages 18, 19 and 20, and I hook up with them on the Internet. Hey, Taylor, give me a chance before I start dating a lady even younger than you?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/taylor-swift-boyfriendwasntkidnnapped brittany magers

      no iam not

  • http://yahoo marge in seattle

    God it never ends with this girl… how sad to have been through so many men at 22… how sad she has to pick on someone 4 years younger than her.. how sad that she just walks into a private celebration.. and hogs all the attention. i would have told her to leave too ! Taylor Swift is a talentless attention seeking loser who seriously needs some help !

    • to rumor lover gossiper above

      u r an idiot

      • Kim

        Taylor sucks…she isnt attractive, sings and acts like a kid….she cant carry a tune….I cant stand even looking at her..she is so childish…grow up!!

        • Ugh

          “she can’t carry a tune” yeah thats how she got all those awards. Idiot.

    • http://Yahoo Linda

      Yeah, but, she’s laughing all the way to the bank…someone in this world loves her…she’s a multi-millionaire! Her concerts are ‘always’ sold out…Now, I don’t care much for her music, just sayin’ she has what it takes for all the attention, even at a private-wedding/reception. A agree, she shouldn’t have gone to this wedding….she did up-stage the couple!

    • Diana Spencer

      I agree with Marge – it never ends with her does it! And before anyone has anything to say to Marge or me, let’s not forget WE are entitled to our opinions just like you are!

      • http://www.webpronews.com/taylor-swift-boyfriendwasntkidnnapped brittany magers

        i agree

    • uranidiot

      ur an idiot

    • Carolyn

      I so agree with you…is Conor #5 or #6..? It really is sad that she is so unlucky in love and can’t sing to s.ave her soul. Now that she is getting older, keeping a young guy around will keep the young girls supporting her and buying her albums. I saw her in concert once and that was more than enough. I thought she was going to get whiplash flinging her hair around. Maybe that was a ploy to distract from her “singing”.

    • Ruth

      Marge in Seattle…You are Totally Correct about Taylor’s character…To have been through so manymen, Most of which have been so much older than her…Than now, picking a guy 4 years younger is obvious that she has some insecurity issues…AND THE ONLY REASON SHE HAS GOTTEN AS FAR AS SHE HAS. is because her moraless lifestyle fits right in with all the people in Hollywood ! But, This time…She has gotten herself involved with the Kennedy Clan…And YOU DON’T CROSS THE Kennedy Clan…When she dumps this kid…Or HE decides to discard her….Her Career WILL BE OVER…And even her Hollywood buddies won’t be able to stop it ! Taylor WHO ?

  • RB

    Nab you a guy however you can and take off girl!

  • http://yahoo scott zaccagnini

    Taylor did not kidnap him. You cannot kidnap an 18 year old. An 18 year old is not a kid.

    As for Kathie Lee Gifford she is an alchoholic so she has no right to be talking bad about Tay.

    • Michelle

      What is funny is she has the power to send a jet to pick up her boyfriend lol course she’s rich but that is crazy…

      • http://www.webpronews.com/taylor-swift-boyfriendwasntkidnnapped brittany magers

        i think he wasnt right for her becuase most of these men she dated they cheated on her you know even she was a good girl for these people soon of these people stared romams and why ? could they do it to my favortie singer of all times ….

    • Jess

      Just a note, the “kid” in kidnap doesn’t necessarily pertain to it being a child. Adults can be kidnapped too.

  • http://yahoo raylin30

    kathy gifford should look in the mirror and judge herself. wasnt there some gossip about her son some years back. he wanted fame and fortune and didnt have the talent and neither does his mamma. its just jealousy. leave the kids alone if its meant to be they will workout there own lives. its not like he is getting hooked up with a loser like his auntie maria.

  • LDX

    Swift’s heading headlong into the abyss of NPD. Can’t stop it. She’s on course for disaster. Best lesson is where this will end up. ADVICE: SLOW DOWN! Life is not one of your fantasy songs. Why do you need to crash to understand reality?

  • California gossip is ridiculuous

    I never in my life heard so much gossip and complaining about women until I came to California. Why is California so tough on women? Women are supposed to support each other (LIKE MEN DO) It seems that women cannot stand to see other women have a life! Let people live their life and start living your own. Stop feeding into this gossip s@@t that the media has created so you will watch or follow them. I am sick of the media creating this CRAP so they can make money! Years ago you never heard about celebrities being talked about so much. What started this? We used to adore our celebrities and now all we do is talk bad about them. It seems that people are just jealous that they made it and you did not! STop reading this mess and create your own life!! REALLY!!

  • KathyBeeBee

    It is LAUGHABLE that anyone with even a shred of journalistic integrity (now, there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one!!) would use the New York Post as a credible “source”.

  • KathyBeeBee

    It is LAUGHABLE that anyone with even a shred of journalistic integrity (now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one!) would use the New York Post as a credible “source”. That’s right up there with saying, “I saw it on the Internet so it must be true”

  • Princessbuttercup

    There is something peculiar about this girl. She should spend a little time on her own and figure out why she keeps choosing the wrong men, who ultimately cheat on her. Even though the boyfriend is 18, he’s still a kid. He’s in high school, it’s absolutely inappropriate for her to arrange for him to come and see her via private jet without clearing it with his parent(s). Period!

    • http://yahoo scott zaccagnini

      18 is an adult whether he is in high school or not. She does not need ot clear it with is parents. What is he 12?

  • Vern Fleshman

    If it were my son, hell any young man if he was dating Taylor or someone in that type of relaionship I would encourage weekend dating and I would insist an itinerary/cellphone. In know way would my son leave the country while living in my home, in high school. I would allow things to progress and try to stay out of their way but even then I would still be engaged in his daily life and that he would still respect the rules of our home, so he would treat Taylor as a girlfriend with respect at all times even when he had to say “NO” for any reason and that Taylor would do the same. My daughter is mentally handicap and even though she needs some supervision as an adult she has managed to find a boyfriend who also has some disability he also has beat cancer, they are 30 years old. They have been with each other as much as possible, you know when in love you absolutely don’t want to be with, around anyone else, they just want to be left alone with eachother. They have been together for 1 year. This angel that has been sent to my daughgter not sure why, still asks us if he can plan dinner, a date, a ride from point A to B while he takes her anywhere it is discussed so we know excatly the plan. I wish parents would know half of this much about their kids. I get it that there are many good parents out there, but please don’t allow your kids make decsions that is not age appropriate, because even if they get hurt even a little they eventually get around to you or you will feel yourself of not protecting them.

  • jtrier1

    So when are Taylor and her boyfriend going to break up? She’ll need to make another album soon.

  • happycakes2323

    I don’t usually comment on these entertainment stories but I was so surprised by the vile comments here that I had to. At first I thought I hope most of the people writing such hateful things are teenagers. If you are an adult and write this kind of stuff you really need anger management. You don’t know Taylor swift. You only know what the media portrays her as. Then I thought wow if these comments are written by teenagers, I feel sorry for America because soon these sad and unhappy, hate filled people are going to be out on their own where life is really going to give them a reason for anger.


      amen, i thought the same thing. people are so hateful these days.

      • happycakes2323

        Right??? Wow I was a bit taken back.


    alot of you need to grow up, she is a human like the rest of us, and how most of you on here can say such hatefull things….. you dont have to like her or listen to her, but gosh dont be so hatefull…..

  • SteveKy

    Why doesn’t she get a real man all grown up like me. Someone older than her not a junior school boy. Who must be playing Xbox 360 and hangs with his buddies in a school hangout. Seems to me she would go for a little older man than herself not John Mayer of course(that was stupid)not talking about celeb washed up Junkie potheads& Hollywood whoredogs. She seems to be confused now. I should take her away from Kennedy and show her what I mean. She needs an experienced older man with a “slow hand. a lover with an easy touch, needs somebody who’ll spends some time, not come and go like a 3 minute rush(Conor)believe me baby I understand, when it comes to love you need a slow hand”- Conway Twitty

  • sarah

    Rumors! rumors! rumors!….ok! but there should be a sensible rumor against such lovable celeb….what media portrays her as not working but it shows how media thinks….!



  • James Stevens

    Momma needs to stop viewing posts on celebrity stars.
    Momma needs to learn how to embrace Le Differance.
    If we all met your standards it would be so boring you
    would start to complain about that too.

    Chill ……….. jws tx

  • http://yahoo louise

    taylor swift can not sing has no talent an i am sick of hearing about her. enought already

    • hallee flowers

      ur fuckn idiot bc u dont know wat talent is sooo leave her alone ur just jealous bc u have no talent so back off

  • Larry

    I think she’s adorable.she’s so cute.Where in this world is that your going to find a person that everyone likes.If I was in her age group,I would be knocking on her door with flowers in one hand and candy in the other.

  • kimye

    She is turning into a man hopping whore just like Miley Cyrus. Just wait for the next song. Of course..it’s always the other persons fault they broke up. Yuk…can’t stand her whinney ass.