Taylor Farms of Mexico Salad Mix

    August 4, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Taylor Farms of Mexico, which is a division of a California-based produce supplier, shipped parasite-tainted salad mix that has caused hundreds of people to become sick, United States health officials said Friday. “The FDA traceback investigation found that illness clusters at restaurants were traced to a common supplier, Taylor Farms de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.,” the FDA said in a statement.

Their salads go to national restaurants including Red Lobster and Olive Garden, operated by Darden restaurants, a spokesman for the Orlando, Florida firm confirmed. “The FDA’s announcement today regarding Iowa and Nebraska is new information,” said Rich Jeffers, communications director for Darden. “Nothing we have seen prior to this announcement gave us any reason to be concerned about the products we’ve received from this supplier.”

The FDA’s investigation did not include salad mix packages that are sold in grocery stores, officials said. As a result of the investigation, the agency will increase surveillance of and leafy products that are exported to the United States from Mexico.

The Mexican plant is a part of Taylor Farms, a Salinas, California-based firm that are suppliers of lettuce and cut vegetables to national restaurant chains and grocery stores. According to the company website, there are eleven processing plants of Taylor Farms in the United States and one in San Miguel, Mexico.

FDA officials, will be conducting an environmental assessment of the facility in Mexico to determine what caused the outbreak. State officials had said that the salad mix that was contaminated included romaine and iceberg lettuce, along with carrots and red cabbage. The FDA conducted an inspection in 2011 and reported no “notable issues”. “All our tests have been negative and we have no indication of the parasite in our product,” said the firm’s chairman and chief executive, Bruce Taylor.

“Iowa and Nebraska health authorities have said this is not an ongoing outbreak and is no longer in the food supply in those states,” said Jeffers, of Darden. “The health and safety of our guests is our top priority and it is completely safe to eat in our restaurants.” July 2 was the last date that people reported becoming ill in those states. The normal shelf life for the salad mix is approximately two weeks.

  • john

    NO MORE OLIVE GARD/RED LOB FOR ME. Jeffers of Darden Foods & taylor of Taylor care nothing about our health
    only their “bottom line”. Allowing parasites is preventable and testing
    could stop the shipping of contaminated food.
    Next question. What kind of harmfull chemicals are applied to give lettuce a shelf life of “APPROXIMATELY” TWO weeks. And, what does
    “APPROXIMATELY” TWO WEEKS mean. Could it mean three weeks, four weeks?
    Maybe “APPROXIMATELY” means it depends on how much chemical preservative a low wage employee dumps on the salad mix. I have personally gotten diarrhea from this chemical. This is fairly common knowledge. Did our corporate protective agency, eg. FDA, check to see if serious complications could result from over use of this preservative chemical? Advertisement dependant media will probably not give this comment or questions much circulation if any.

    • Scott

      As a former driver Taylor farms is the WORST company I have ever seen.They don’t care about employees drivers or the public safety.I have seen this personally.I hope they get prosecuted and sued for all they are worth

    • Alan Larson

      I buy fresh heads of organic red lettuce, green lettuce and romaine and if you store it correctly it will last for 2 weeks.

    • jimmypop

      Un-bunch your panties and get a grip. Nobody’s perfect.

    • snyder

      there is no chemical preservative on the salads, they are washed with sodium hypochlorite. that’s it

    • Jon

      You’re an idiot. You have no idea how precut salads are prepared and packaged. It’s not chemicals that preserve salads but handling and OTR specific film that does. Please educate yourself before ranting false information.

  • Carl

    “There salads go to national restaurants including Red Lobster and Olive Garden, operated by Darden restaurants, a spokesman for the Orlando, Florida firm confirmed.” Lindsay, if you’re going to try writing for a living, please learn the basics first. Their, there, and their all may sound alike, but they each have THEIR own meaning. Also, your and you’re mean different things too. Good Luck!!!

    • Alan Larson

      You screwed up yourself. You listed their twice but omitted they’re.

    • Lindsay

      If you had read the article correctly, you would see that it says “their”. Read before correcting. Thanks :)

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    typos? what typos?

  • twinstick

    When I was over the road, my main freight coming back out of California was produce to be delivered just over the PA/NJ border to Ready-Pac. Mostly, it was fresh lettuce in huge bins. Because they were our #1 customer at the time, I was able to finagle a quick tour of the place. Now, the lettuce was washed twice before going into the truck in California. At the processing plant, the produce was washed another 5 times before going into the bags and then sent out to the stores. They were very persnickety about cleanliness there, which is why I only get Ready-Pac products.