Tasty Chowdah: Google Moving Into Boston

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Job listings for the Boston area and a reputed search for suitable facilities in the city add up to a forthcoming Beantown presence for the search advertising company.

Just as Google prefaced its move into Chicago with want ads at MediaBistro, a couple of classifieds appeared on that site here and here. A full slate of listings also showed up at Google Jobs, with fifteen positions available.

We also noticed available opportunities for YouTube in Boston, also referenced at MediaBistro. Similar YouTube jobs in Detroit, Dallas, and other cities seek candidates as well.

Speculation on a Google move into Boston received some circumstantial backing. The Boston Channel reported that Google wants substantial office space in the area:

…the Internet giant has been looking for anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 square feet of office space. Cambridge was said to be at the top of the company’s list because it’s believed Harvard and MIT can provide a pool of technology talent.

Such a move would be an economic boost to the Boston area, according to the article. Google recently revealed plans to open a datacenter in North Carolina, where its job impact would replace long-departed furniture industry jobs with a number of new positions.

Google has rapidly expanded operations, on at least a planning level, to span the US. Their places of operation can almost be drawn on a map of America with a circle. To date they have largely left the middle of the country out of their plans, Chicago being the closest city to the traditional Midwest where they have operations.

If they do move into the Midwest, we think Cincinnati could be a candidate. In 2005, Google and other investors plowed around $100 million into Current Communications Group, which works with Cincinnati-based Cinergy to deliver broadband and voice services over power lines (BPL).

A move there backing the initiative could be instrumental in getting BPL a higher profile, and would help Google in its net neutrality battles by demonstrating the effectiveness of BPL as an alternative to the telecoms and cable companies that dominate the broadband business.

Tasty Chowdah: Google Moving Into Boston
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  • Randy H.

    Google fanboy alert! A multi-billion dollar company is hiring in the TEENS in a major US city like Boston. Why isn’t this on the front page of TechMeme???? Oh wait… there it is.


    • David A. Utter

      Hee hee. I didn’t know there was a floor on when to report Google is moving into the ‘hood.

      It is always nice to be on Techmeme. Great site, Gabe’s done some fantastic work with it.

  • J

    Why would Google move to the midwest?

    The majority of the population (at least the majority that Google wants to hire) live in metropolitan areas on the coastlines.

    • David A. Utter

      The Motor City isn’t exactly coastal property, neither’s Dallas. I don’t know if either is a tech hiring hotbed, or if Google would even hire more engineers than they would admin/support or sales types.

      By ‘move’ I mean ‘set up some operations’, not ‘call Allied and pack up the Googleplex.’ Sorry if I was unclear. My reason for thinking about Cincy had to do with the BPL investment they made.

  • Inspector Clue-so

    You must have missed this:


    and this:


    and this:


    • David A. Utter

      I’m pretty sure we’ve noted Google’s work in Michigan previously. How about if I phrased it as ‘expanding their existing presence in and around the geographical middle of the US’ instead?

      I think the world is ready for Google Des Moines, honestly.

  • Steve

    What are you talking about? Google is building like crazy in Iowa.

  • http://bckexpress.com/ BCKE

    Going down history, one cannot help but marvel at all the inventions and discoveries that the human mind has come up with! Some of them have been truly astounding! The crowning glory of the 20th century was the Internet/World Web! And the World Web has been coming up with newer innovations all the time since its inception, one of them being a search engine like Google.

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