Taste-Testers Voted Domino's No. 1 Pizza


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Ever get sick of the same old food? And do you get disappointed with all the main pizza joints promising cheesy slices of pie, overflowing with toppings and out-of-this-world flavor only to eat a piece of bland dough and sauce? Well, our friends over at Yahoo decided to dig deeper into the sciences of pizza and figure out which brand is true to it's ads, ultimately crowning the most delicious pizza place around.

The four pizza brands that went under the taste-bud-test included Pizza HutDomino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars.

Fourth Place-Papa John's. The majority of the za-judgers claimed the pie looked the absolute best in the box, however they were disappointed by the sweet sauce and lack of cheese. “Tastes like the dough mostly. Needs a heavier hand with the cheese,” said a taste-taster.

Third Place-Little Caesars. According to the tasters, the pizza didn't win because of the lack of freshness the thin pie had to offer. The biggest complaint was the pizza's similarity to frozen pizza. “Very processed look and flavorless dough, tastes very pre-fab,” said one judge.

Second Place-Pizza Hut. Apparently the sauce was a little too sweet and the doughy crust overwhelmed tasters. “The crust is quite puffy and fluffy, not for a crisp crust lover.” However, the abundance of gooey cheese and a healthy helping of pepperoni helped make up for some of this pie’s shortcomings.

First Place-Domino's. This delicious pizza won the prize of best pie because of it's perfect crust, the sauce and spicy pepperoni. “The crispy crust is a nice touch, it has a little chewiness like real pizza,” said one judge.

So there you have it folks, the pizza of the pizzas.

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