Taryn Manning's Alleged Stalker Arrested In NYC


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A woman, previously accused of stalking Taryn Manning, has been arrested in New York City.

In July, Manning filed a complaint against her former friend Janine Heller for allegedly cyber stalking her. Manning claimed that Heller attempted to make her paranoid by saying that one of her friends was selling stories about Manning to the press.

On July 2, Heller was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of stalking in the fourth degree, and was later released. The District Attorney then requested that Manning receive an Order of Protection against Heller that would "prohibit any further attempt by Ms. Heller to contact Taryn Manning through any medium possible, electronic or otherwise."

Apparently, Heller did not understand the terms of the order, or simply chose not to follow them, because she continued to call and e-mail the Orange is the New Black star, which is specifically against the order.

"The persistent and relentless violations of Ms. Manning's privacy by Ms. Heller have caused Ms. Manning and her family tremendous concern for their safety and well-being," Andrew C. Quinn, Manning's lawyer, said in a statement to E! News. "Ms. Manning will continue to work with investigators and attorneys in the New York County District Attorney's Office in furtherance of this matter."

On Tuesday, September 2, Heller was, once again, arrested for violating the Order of Protection. According to sources, Heller was picked up outside of 250 Bowery at approximately 7:40 a.m.

“I have not seen the criminal court complaint,” Heller's lawyer Jeremy Saland said. “I have not been advised as to the nature of these allegations.”

Heller is currently in custody, waiting to be arraigned.