Target Networking

    July 16, 2003

Time is precious and you can’t get it back, so it needs to be used wisely. For those of you who have limited time or don’t have much of a desire to network, but you know you have to, try Target Networking. As you target your work market for clients, you can target or focus your networking market using the same skills.

As an example, what if your target industry is real estate? Your target markets could include the banking, sales, marketing, construction, insurance, design, landscaping and escrow businesses, to name but a few. You would then research these types of industries in your area, determine their association meeting places, and invite yourself as a guest. Your audiences in these markets could be sales people, bank managers and landscape designers.

Remember, the smaller the niche, the bigger the reward. If you go deep within your industry, you become the expert in your field and the possibilities are endless.

If part of your marketing plan is speaking presentations, you could also get yourself a free booking at any of these organizations with defined audiences. Yes, I said free.

If you are willing to spend your time milling about an obscure cocktail party venue with unknown quantities, you could easily put together a 30 minute presentation in front of your entire market. You will create new relationships, save time and make more money.

So, here’s the drill. Grab your yellow pad and let’s get going!

– Use one page at a time and place the sample industry, Real Estate, in the center.

– With and without conscious thought, jot down anything that comes to mind in relationship to Real Estate as if you were Mind Mapping.

– Your final document, or at least one of them, should look like a sunburst, with your industry, the sun and your markets, the rays.

– You could also extend this piece even further by adding another dimension, your audience. The sun is the industry, with lines as the sun’s rays representing your market and lines off these representing your audiences.

– Check your local business newspapers for anything close to what you have chosen. Refer to the yellow pages if you’re not familiar with these publications.

– When you get a copy of these business journals, check their calendars for meetings in your industry or market.

– Visit your local Chambers of Commerce, peruse the membership list and get brochures of businesses in your industry and market.

– Go to the reference section of your business library and review the Major State, Regional and National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States.

– The Association books have subjects by index, so if you did this today and went to “Real Estate, National”, you would discover a minimum of 60 associations! This does not even include State & Regional.

– So, pick up that phone, start dialing and enjoy Target Networking.

With this exercise, you will have a major part of next year’s marketing and networking successfully managed.

“Joanne, you were the best speaker we had all year! These people are not easily impressed, but you amazed them. All I heard were kudos and compliments. Thank you!”

Ara Apkarian, North Bay President
California Association of Mortgage Brokers

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Joanne Victoria, Sausalito, CA, US
Joanne Victoria, owner of New Directions, is a Northern Calfornia based writer who speaks to associations, professional organizations and small business owners on getting more control of your time and life; creating a market position that builds momentum; and taking the right action steps inside a personal plan for progress.

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