Tantrum Over Burger: He Didn’t Order Cheese

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A Pennsylvania man who received a botched order at McDonald’s last week went on a rampage, reportedly throwing chairs and hurling an employee’s cell phone across a parking lot when she attempted to call the police…and all because his burger came with cheese on it.

Because he allegedly assaulted an employee, criminal charges have been filed against him. He will be charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

There have been some odd stories involving fast food restaurants this year, including a boy finding a finger in his Arby’s sandwich, a child finding a nosering in a McDonald’s breakfast burrito, and a man who was kicked out of a McDonald’s for wearing glasses.

Image: McDonald’s

Tantrum Over Burger: He Didn’t Order Cheese
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    many americans are WALKING TIME BOMBS….the stress of paying the bills while UNEMPLOYED, or UNDEREMPLOYED, will show itself in MORE than fast food joints..

  • http://Cheeseonhamburger Bonnie Sorensen

    I wouldn’t throw a tantrum, but I do get angry when they put cheese on my burger when I didn’t order it. I’m allergic to milk and all milk products, so McDonald’s keep the cheese to yourself when it’s not ordered.

    • John

      dont worry Mcdonalds cheese doesnt have any dairy products in it

  • ??? sht head

    Hold the pickle, hold the letteus, ! special orders DO upset us!

  • Hablatome

    Absolutely ridiculous! I work in customer service and I am sick and tired of having to baby these spoiled, entitled people. These people have been educated to act like that, to get what they want. What happen to the days where people were treated with common courtesy and respect. Now, people who yell the loudest get their way. If they don’t, then they alledge bad customer service. I’m glad he was arrested. Lets see him throw a tantrum about his breakfast menu while he’s in the clink!!!! P.S. Will the real Jerry Springer, please stand up!

    • Mike

      Its not about spoiled babies – if you take my money then give me what I ordered / asked for. If you cant or wont – dont take my money. And especially dont be shocked when I get angry for not getting what I ordered. Throwing chairs and stuff is beyond reasonable for how to complain, but really – what does it take to get even decent customer service? Especially when I am paying more for it each year. If you complain about what you get then they act like this is what you asked for.

  • Mike

    I have been mad enough to do this (didnt do it but wanted to). My dad is extremely allergic to cheese (dairy in general but especially cheese). It will put him in the hospital if he eats it. We went to McDonalds one time after an already bad day and specifically asked for NO CHEESE!!! I told them it was a medical requirement. We get our order and it has CHEESE!! Not just cheese but EXTRA CHEESE!! There are so many idiots in the world that wont listen and dont care. I made a point of chewing everyone out and having a long “discussion” with the manager – people thought I was crazy – but why put extra cheese when you ask for none??? They threatened to call the police on me and I told them to do it because I wanted more witnesses for the law suit – they didnt call for some reason.

    • Younork

      Geeze… when are people going to start taking some responsibility for themselves and STOP blaming others for stuff. If you father is allergic to cheese, he should check the burger before he eats it. That’s what I would do. Get real.

    • garrett

      they probably just laughed at you for threatening to file suit over something like that. congrats you were the highlight of their day

  • http://yahoo carlos mcchargue

    who cut the cheese man?

  • D

    He should have gone to Burger King and had it his way.

  • http://yahoo.com RobM

    I wanted hash browns and she brought me fries.. man, the woman has got to die.

  • http://yahoo.com Kevin S

    “…if you don’t eat your meat you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”

  • Robert Kinne

    We can put up with a recession, a fiscal cliff, and the end of days on the Mayan calander. But a bad burger – we need to go to war!

  • Chris

    This guy sounds like the kind of guy who might have shot a bunch of people in the restaurant if he’d been carrying a gun. That kind of over-reacting and “I-don’t-care-what’s-right-’cause-I’m-always-right” attitude is why we have gun violence problems (or any other kind of violence problems). Maybe if cheeseburgers were illegal, we wouldn’t have had this problem. Or, wait – better yet, maybe we can try to rid ourselves of those negative attitudes and make America a better place for everyone. Just a thought.

    • Hi Pals

      I guess allergies don’t mean anything these days

    • Dan

      Hi Chris,

      Where are food allergies in you view of the world?

  • Daniel

    In the Dallas area McDonalds hires people who can’t speak English. How are they supposed to know wheather you want cheese? WE have learned to look carefully at our order and count our change as it is not understood how to count U.S money either. I think INS should check into the situation.

    • James

      I agree, I went to Texas on business stopped at a burger king ordered a coke, got to the window to pay they said it was $9.80 and they had 8 cokes lines up.. (I said a coke) “not 8 cokes”. So if your going to live in this country speak english

      • Life_dealwith_it

        For those someones that are calling out others on their English skills. Please improve yours when posting. Also,learn to read, since your order was depicted in English on the customer display screen conveniently placed so you can verify your order.

  • http://webprosight.com virginia rice

    I’m tired of seeing all the illegal Mexicans getting jobs with fake I.D. The fact that they barely speak English should be a clue to employers, but they know that they can hire them for less then minimum wage. If government agencies didn’t warn them that they were coming, they’d be caught red handed, and now to make things worse Obama wants to make them legal. With our country already as good as bankrupt, Obama is doing what he does best. He’s making things worse then it already it. Why can’t people wise up, and see him for what he really is. A Chicago mafia backed hood.

    • u know

      where did it say it was a mexican who took the order.

      • victor

        Virgina,Virgina,really! Take a nap,find a hobby,adopt a pet.But don’t rag on people who take jobs most others would rather not take for employment.Take a deep look at yourself in the mirror and ask,who loves me.

    • JLC

      Virgina your an Idiot! How do you know the bonehead didn’t make his order clear, for that matter do you know if he had and accent, and the ENGLISH speaking employee didn’t understand he order. Perhaps you need to calm down in or desperate need of a hug.

      • dave

        Please don’t call someone an idiot when you don’t know how
        to spell “you’re”. You’re an idiot. Have a nice day.

        • JLC

          I really dosen’t matter the spelling, you got the point didn’t you. Idiot!

      • http://webpronews Ray Wray

        Had to be.

    • Jim Kleinhans

      First Virginia, dere ain’t no such ting as da “Mafia”. Da preferred term is “La Cosa Nostra”. A good example why dere are so many Latinos workin’ at da fast food places is dat da average White American kid. won’t work for “chump change”. My own stepson turned down a job offer at McDonald’s ($8.50 an hour plus benefits) wid dose exact words. Obama is da best ting dat happened to dis country since Bill Clinton was elected. He must be doin’ somethin’ right to get re-elected. Of course, one of my Cats could have beaten Mittens in da election. Har, har, har.

  • MountainMan

    I agree with several of these comments; no speakee english, no workee here. I also think that this idiot who lost it, should seek out some anger management. The local police should also make sure that HE doesn’t own any guns…

    • BBA

      well said!!

    • BBA

      oops that was meant for ED’s comment not yours mountainman!

  • ed

    i woulda beat the hell out of this guy if i was there. yep done it before. there is no excuse for acting like this. dont do it in front of me or i will drag your ass out into the parking lot and beat the hell out of you-workers dont deserve to be treated like that.the only reason people act like this is “the customer is always right”bullshit!!.the only reason they do it is because the workers have to be passive or lose their jobs,thats bullshit too!! nobody has the right to treat anybody that way.try to pull that crap when i am in line behind you-when you wake up you will then appologize.plain and simple.

    • http://webpronews Ray Wray

      You are a real basement hero, aren’t you.

    • Jesse

      Yeah, what he said!!!!!

  • BBA

    you guys are freaking idiots! just because the dude was misunderstood does that give him the right to assault someone Mexican or not?! even a WHITE person makes mistakes you guys aren’t perfect!

  • Ili

    lmao oh wow, its just funny how ignorant people are these days. First off nowhere did it say it was a Mexican who took the dam order, and even if it was a Mexican it doesnt justify how stupid and immature an idiot can act over dam cheese.Maybe all of you racist dumbfucks should stop wasting your time making stupid comments and should go flip burgers instead, and maybe shit like this wouldnt happen.Im sure you dont mind who serves your dam food when your lazy ass is hungry.If illegals dont flip your burgers then who will? someone has to do it.So shut up and go stack up on your dam calories,im sure that still doesnt stop you from going to those places.

  • CF Pennypacker

    FREE CHEESE!!! I would have been so happy. they charge like 25 cents for cheese

  • Krum E

    Another “Crum” E story

  • Matt

    Make sure this guy is listed as unreliable and cannot purchase firearms. PS. I’m a 2nd amendment supporter who owns and believes in the right to own firearms for responsible individuals.

    • Donya

      Love this!

    • jay

      Pal you gotta get your facts straight. The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to bear arms not to own fire arms , I mean really why did you think that? Who wants their arms lit on fire? Man that’s gotta hurt!

      Now as far as bear arms. If you have them, then what’s the poor bear gonna use ? That sounds like animal cruelty to me! I mean really you wanna cut of a bears arms ? For what? hat can you possibly use them for? I want PETA to get involved to revoke that nasty amendment!

  • Adrin

    I once had my food order botched at McDonald’s. And I did the unthinkable… I ate it.

    • jay

      you are EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve

      For me, it depends on how botched the order is. I always say “No lettuce” because if I try to eat lettuce, my stomach will promptly un-eat it.

  • http://webpronews Ray Wray

    It’s fast food. Do you want it fast or do you want it right?

    • http://www.sellmydiabeticteststrips.com Steve Laba

      What the Fu%k!????

      • jay

        well Steve the usual answer is women, but there are some men who like men, some who like sheep and some who like cold dead fish. Take your pic

  • Agnes

    don’t give right harm no one
    all the guy had to tell person work there tell hey.You mess up my order. They would of fix for you . Why melt down of burger come
    we don’t give sh*t do we . mexican or white still got to be nice to people even screw up the order on burger. What happen yes no thank you openin the door for lady . What has world come to this.
    we just lost babies to a shootin a teacher come it all almost xmas
    we need love understandin not Sh*t

  • Anthony

    Stop being racist here it about wrong order here
    and about burger .

  • jay

    sounds like a really cheesy story to me!

  • jay

    Amanda Crum wrote this article.I gotta wonder…. If she shows you her butt, would that be a crum bun?

  • GMAN

    I’m Lovin’ It!

  • scawty

    Take a chill pill dude, they will make it right if you treat them right.

  • Diex2005

    They got what they had coming. They screw up SO MANY orders, something HAD to be done.

  • Howard E Lynch Stern

    Those white fat people. So serious about their food.

    • http://Tiftnet Ne

      The workers are humans.I went to McDonalds and attempted to order a special,I must have been have been speaking Greek because the girl clearly forgot that I was placing my order. She stopped talking & receiving my order. I said hello twice. I then drove away taking my business to the pizza place. I will understand mistakes and some mishaps, but I refused to put up with stupid crap. I’ve worked in restaurants and I treated folk as best as possible. A lack of manners will send money and customers elsewhere.

  • emily

    this is man clearly has some problems that are not being looked after.
    this is what happens when illnesses go untreated

    let me tell you a story about a MACDONALDS ORDER I MADE

  • emily

    ordered a chicken sandwich one of their specialty like bacon ranch
    i got home opened my bag pulled out the box the chicken was “suppsed to be in” and i had all the fixns of a sandwich-minus the chicken.
    Under other things they have done wrong I would just forget about it an not go back, but missing the main ingrediant of a chicken sandwich “the chicken” I went back into the store this time.
    And I politly said -this is what I ordered-this is what I got and showed the empty box-
    I know why the box was empty- all of them back there were chatting away not paying attention to what they were doing, what do you expect for minum wage.
    Those workers just don’t care, but people have go to get a grip on life, this was not worth the sillyness he showed because he had cheese, I would have made them MAKE me a new sandwich, not just take off the cheese, maybe after doing double work and wasting food someone will care.

  • Jay Alan

    Mayor McCheese is doing the ruling on this one.

  • JimH

    I work in the fast food business and you would not believe all the crap we take from customers everyday even tho we try to be polite. Mistakes do happen from time to time but for some reason people think we are not allowed to make mistakes (they forget we are human like they are) and use us for there dartboard.Everyone wants everything now,fast and correct or all hell breaks loose but yet they keep coming back day after day and week after week lol. Not everyone is like this. Actually most people are pretty nice but every now and then (say 1 in 10) have to come in and start acting like rambo.

  • JimH

    Just to set the story straight A LOT of times it is the customer who messes up the order. when an order is taken the cashier reads back to the customer what he ordered so everything is correct and I have seen many times after when a customer gets his order…eats half of it..then comes back and says…I didn’t want cheese on this! So I look at there ticket to show them what they had ordered and just to calm things down I go ahead and re-do there order. This makes the customer happy and calms everyone down and of course this effects the cost of food and such. So the coin has two faces in matters like this.

  • tony

    Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce.. SHUT UP LADY DONT UPSET US! Have it our way at Mcpukes!

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