Tamra Barney: Drama At Home Worse Than On RHOC

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Tamra Barney has faced a lot of issues on Real Housewives of Orange County. Some of them major, some minor. Some were minor that she took upon herself to make major.

But nothing on the show compares to what Tamra Barney is dealing with at home.

Tamra has been fighting with her ex-husband, Simon, over custody of their three younger children.

Simon Barney has reportedly used footage from RHOC to prove her an unfit mother and gain a larger share of their children's custody.

It isn't known how their time is split right now, but Simon wants more of it.

Tamra Barney does reportedly have the larger share, but she does admit that she is very sad when her kids are gone.

She is rumored to have been fired from the show, and life doesn't look great for Tamra Barney right now, according to Radar Online. One of the main reasons she was so unpopular on the show was reportedly the failure of Tamra to open up and show her real life.

Instead, she focused on stirring the pot.

However, there is one bright spot.

Tamra Barney is expecting her first grandchild and she has recently found out that it's going to be a girl.

Tamra Barney also revealed over the summer what her new granny name will be.

"I'm going to be 'Tam-ma," she said back in July. "NeNe has Glam-ma and Vicki has Nana and I'm going to be Tam-ma! I'm so excited!"

The baby is expected to make its appearance February 14th of next year.


Hopefully Tamra and her ex-husband can iron out their differences soon for the sake of their kids and her future grandchild. Do you think that could ever happen?

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