Tamra Barney Deals With Custody Drama


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It seems like wherever Tamra Barney goes, drama follows.

While it seemed like Tamra had all the drama she could handle on the recent season of The Real Housewives Of Orange County, she recently opened up about the drama she is dealing with in terms of her divorce and custody arrangements.

Tamra said that although being ganged up on and screamed at by her costars was pretty bad, her divorce drama is much worse and something she worries about every day.

Tamra recently divorced her ex-husband, Simon Barney, but is still trying to work out the custody arrangements. While they have been sharing custody of the kids for a while now, Simon is trying to get the kids more often and planning to take her back to court to work out the custody arrangements.

Simon has been working hard to make Tamra seem like an unfit mother and has allegedly been telling stories to the press and starting rumors about her. He also feels like her actions on The Real Housewives Of Orange County are evidence that what he's saying is true.

Tamra and Simon have three young children together, but Tamra also has an older son. She revealed to Bravo that her older son, Ryan, is expecting a child and that in spite of everything she is dealing with, she is excited about becoming a grandmother.

“I’m going to be Tam-ma,” Tamra Barney revealed, adding, “NeNe has Glam-ma and Vicki has Nana and I’m going to be Tam-ma! I’m so excited!”

Hopefully by the time Tamra's grandchild is born, she will have the custody situation with her ex-husband and children worked out and will be able to focus on being the best mom and grandma that she can be.

Do you think Tamra's personal struggles explain her actions on the reality show?