Tammy Mettenberger Given Week off by Georgia Coach

    September 24, 2013
    Brian Powell
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This weekend, perennial SEC football powerhouses, LSU and Georgia, will meet in a crucial match-up in Atlanta – both teams are ranked in the top-10 nationally and have hopes for an SEC Championship, at the very least. Mark Richt, coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, decided to limit the drama and excitement to the field this week and allowed his personal secretary, Tammy Mettenberger, two weeks of paid vacation.

Why is this such an important decision for Richt and the Bulldogs? Tammy Mettenberger happens to be the mother of LSU starting quarterback, Zach Mettenberger: “She loves her son, obviously, and it would be awkward for her to be hanging around all week. I told her, ‘Enjoy it, go have fun, do some things you wouldn’t normally do this time of year and enjoy it,’ ” stated Richt on Sunday night.

Things may be a little more complicated for Zach than his mom. Mettenberger started his collegiate career vying for the starting quarterback job at Georgia against Aaron Murray, the Bulldog’s current star quarterback. Following an arrest at a Georgia bar during spring break in 2010, however, Mettenberger was kicked off the team by Richt: “We’ve been knowing Zach since he was a very young kid. We all really like Zach and want the best for him but just don’t want him to win the game this weekend. That’s the only thing that’s different from normal, is we’re competing against him this week.”

Getting dismissed by Georgia’s team had to be devastating for both Zach and his mother – Tammy Mettenberger has been working for Mark Richt since he became coach at Georgia in 2001. Zach stated, “I always thought that I would play between the hedges, and now it’s just in a different color uniform.”

Zach Mettenberger did not allow the unfortunate events at Georgia deter his professional aspirations. After being dismissed from Georgia, Zach spent a year at a community college before being offered a spot on LSU’s roster. After sitting on the bench as a third-string quarterback during the 2011 season, Mettenberger got his shot at starting quarterback in 2012.

While he had a rocky season last year, Mettenberger has been one of the nation’s top quarterbacks in 2013. Mettenberger ranks 2nd in SEC passing efficiency, trailing none other than Aaron Murray.

Despite his conflicting past history with Georgia, Mettenberger is approaching the game with a burning eagerness: ”I’m looking forward to Sunday morning tremendously. There’s just so much put into this game that has nothing with the game that actually goes on between the snap and the whistle. The worst part is my mom has to deal with a lot of this stuff, too, and that’s just unfair.”

Let’s hope that the worst part is his mom’s personal dilemma. LSU brings a perfect record and a No. 6 ranking into Atlanta, and almost all hopes of an SEC title and national championship run hinge on his performance in Saturday’s contest.

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  • Well

    Richt is actually a good coach. Every time Georgia has a loss, they call for his head. Georgia fans are delusional and remember the 1980 championship they won as if it was yesterday. Problem is that it was over three DECADES ago.

    I actually think Mettenberger is going to get the last laugh. Georgia’s offense is great, but their defense is average at best. That is another crazy thing about Georgia. They always call for Mike Bobo’s head, but Georgia’s offense averages well over 30 points a ball game.

    It doesn’t make sense. But then again, it is Georgia. Georgia is so different than most of the states in the nation. Once you get outside of Atlanta, good luck.

    • Too Funny

      That is actually so true. But what do you expect from a state where 1 in every 13 people are in jail, on parole, or on probation. They arrest people at rate that is 2.5 times higher than the average state in the country. Seeing as though the US incarcerates the most people in the world, Georgia literally is the worst place in the world as far as the possibility of getting arrested. Then again, they operate 23 prison work plants and force all their state agencies to buy from them. That could have something to do with them wanting to keep prisons full. Also, they started out as a penal colony and really haven’t progressed much in a couple hundred years — except for Atlanta. Atlanta is actually kind of nice, but it is actually a city of transplants now.

    • Barry

      you are a misinformed, bigotted doofuss!

      obviously an envious bitter individual!

  • daniel covert

    who the hell would name there boy tammy?

    • Hamilton

      LOL no….Tammy is the mom who works for head coach Richt at UGA her son plays for LSU…

  • Anthony

    ” LSU brings a perfect record and a No. 6 ranking into Atlanta.” You mean Athens.

  • Informed Georgian

    RE: Too Funny.
    You are a ignorant person. #1 Georgia is right smack on the middle of the “incarceration rate” for the USA. Search the internet and you will find this is correct. #2. If you visited Athens you would find it a lovely town and shockingly liberal-much more than Atlanta.
    RE: Well
    You are correct to be critical of UGA fans lukewarm attitude about Richt. He is a good man and a good coach. I love the fact that he would risk a winning season to maintain the integrity of his team. Also his choices in players affects the safety of the students on campus. This is obviously not a concern for LSU. They constantly recruit players despite criminal activity.