Tamara Green, Alleged Bill Cosby Victim, Dares Him To Be 'Heroic'


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Tamara Green, a former actress and model, has stepped back into the limelight one more time to clear the air about her accusations against comedic actor Bill Cosby.

Within the past month, allegations against Cosby have been gaining traction in the public eye as more than a dozen women have come forward with claims.

Green hasn’t spoken to the media since 2005, nearly ten years ago.

When she did, it was to blast the very news organizations currently tripping over themselves to cover the scandal.

“I have tried to tell the truth in the media since 2005 and been pilloried for it,” said Green. “And I’m offended.”

In her exclusive interview with People, Tamera Green refers to her alleged attacker as a "sexual predator".

"I don't dispute the fact the man has done much good...but he is a flawed man."

She shared that the alleged victims were all told that no one would believe them and that it was crushing to be dismissed because of the extent of Cosby’s fame and popularity.

Tamara Green’s version of events is similar to that of other women who claimed to have been taken advantage of by Bill Cosby.

She was drugged, taken home, and there she claims Cosby sexually assaulted her.

Tamara Green said that the 77-year-old has “very few chances left” to do something “heroic”.

That could be a challenge from Green for him to admit what she and the others claim he did.

However, the actor seems more interested in preserving his reputation.

He recently canceled an appearance on The Late Show With Dave Letterman. It was likely in an effort to avoid answering questions about the mounting rape allegations.

Tamara Green and the other women are not going away, no matter how determined Cosby is to remain silent.

In fact, his stubborn refusal to even acknowledge this situation will likely do more harm than good to the very reputation he’s so determined to preserve.

Do believe Tamara Green and the other women? Do you think it’s fair that there’s a statue of limitation on rape? Share your insight in the comments section.