Tamara Ecclestone Loses Battle Over Lamborghini

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British-Croation socialite Tamara Ecclestone lost a case against her ex-boyfriend on Monday after a judge ruled that the Lamborghini Aventador she had given him on his birthday no longer belonged to her.

Omar Khyami, 38, had been dating Ecclestone since 2010. The two split in 2012 when Ecclestone found a "sex tape" of Khyami and another woman. The tape had been sent to her father, Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

According to BBC News, the 29-year old heiress claimed that she had given Khyami the car to use as long as they were together and "never intended [it] to be a gift."

When Khyami used the car as security for an outstanding balance on another car, it was seized by Elite Card Ltd., the company it was purchased from. It was then sold to Ansol Trading Ltd.

Mr. Justice Dingemans said in a High Court judgement that Ansol was the rightful owner of the car and ruled that Ecclestone had to pay 15,000 pounds (24, 852 US dollars) in damages and interest as well as 7,500 pounds (12,426 US dollars) to Elite Card Ltd, who said that the case caused bad publicity for their company and a loss of 440,000 pounds in lost profit.

"Ms Ecclestone's conduct was wrongful and interfered with the title and possession by Elite and Ansol by interfering with sales made by Elite and Ansol, and by removing the car, and by preventing dealings with the proceeds of the sale of the car," Dingemans said.

"The judge was correct when he said the car had been more trouble than it's worth and this has been a difficult time for Tamara and her family," said a representative for Ecclestone. "Tamara thanks everyone for their support and it is now time to focus on the future and positive times ahead."

The Lamborghini is currently being stored by Bernie Ecclestone. In 2012, the 83-year old was accused of bribery. On January 14, a Munic court ruled that he would be tried on charges in Germany.

Tamara, a TV personality and model, was seen shopping in West London on Tuesday at a Lamborghini showroom, apparently shopping for a replacement for the supercar she lost in the case.

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