Tales Of A Ninth-Grade Executive

    October 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Robert Trencheny, the president and CEO of the Teen Podcasters Network, is the dutiful custodian of a startup company he acquired from a friend of his from his junior high days. Only he doesn’t go by Robert, he goes by Robbie, and the junior high friend is still in junior high. Robbie is only 14 years old.

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You remember 14, right? I do. I spent my days playing basketball, chasing girls, and trying not to look stupid, goofy, and awkwardly colt-legged in the hallways. I wanted to be a rapper – yes, an Eastern Kentucky rapper, JamMaster Jason and his DJ, KS-One (his name was Kenny). We had one song. We performed it in Reading class.

But Robbie, once he finishes a busy day of school, comes home and operates an online business. This, I learned in the hallway of the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, right after interviewing Rocketboom-founder Andrew Baron. Robbie’s mother, a big Joanne Colan fan, took me by the arm and asked if I’d like to interview her son.

And I’m all, why?

And then she told me why.

Robbie, who was already providing the hosting, the domain, and the Drupal software, was founded by “Michael F,” who still has influence on the network, along side “Lee R.” and Matt P.”

Well, let’s let the About page tell the story:

When the drupal was finally set up the new site was born, along with a domain, and Lee went to work on a new theme which he eventually finished in the middle of september. Along with Chris L., they began to grow the network into the social community it is today, with a few bumps in the road, but still eventually becoming great.

Recently, Lee had moved on to his own independent blog. In the middle of this conversion the TPN has ran unto some bumps with rival networks such as the Red Project and Negative Penguin Media. This is where Matt P. comes in to the picture. He helps Michael and Robbie maintain the TPN, keeping it a highly successful network.

Robbie’s mother informs me that she and his father had to attend the conference with him because you have to be 16 to get in by yourself.

Robbie recently “took control” of the network, he told me, presumably because Michael F. has some girl-chasing, or perhaps some world-conquering, to attend to.

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