Take The Search Engine Relevance Test

    November 21, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

An online blind test of Google, Yahoo, and MSN lets users discover which search engine is truly relevant to their queries; the results could be surprising.

Most search users tend to stick to one search engine, through familiarity or simply by default. Could that devotion be misplaced?

The Search Engine Experiment lets users enter a query, and see the top three results from the three search engines. The site hides the brands from the user.

Then the user can vote on which of the three brands provided the most relevant result. For the test, the site recommends querying for a topic that the user knows well, in order to better determine which set of results would be the most relevant.

The test rotates the placement of the brands, and that lets users get a better idea about a brand being consistently relevant in its results. In a purely unscientific observation of comments made on Digg.com about the test, people who found Google relevant tended not to be surprised, while MSN and Yahoo relevance appeared to be unexpected.

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