Tailor Your Twitter Trends To Fit Your Location

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Twitter trends are a big deal to many Twitter users, especially the tween users out there. #FollowMeJustinBieber hashtags aside, there is actually a lot more use to Twitter's popular topics, especially when they apply to more pertinent events, be it on a national or international level. Now, Twitter has introduced a method to apply their methods of ranking popular topics on a more local level with a feature called tailored trends.

The now-default setting--if you'd like to view trends on a broader basis, you can change your location--bases the trends users see based on their location and on who they follow. The rollout of these tailored trends will be done "gradually, starting today," according to the Twitter blog. Based on the WebProNews Twitter page, it doesn't look like the algorithm change has made this far east yet. The following screenshot was taken at 1:55 pm EST:

Twitter Trends

Sara Mauskopf's post about the tailored Twitter Trends is tantalizingly short, with most of the focus being on the location-based algorithm adjustment. However, the fact that who users follow plays a part could result in some interesting trends showing up. If you're a Bieliber who follows those kinds of accounts, your trends will probably be a little different than someone who follows the search engine industry, including any number of the SEO experts on Twitter.

As far as usefulness goes, that's really up to the individual user to decide:

Of course, @taspiYEAH can change her location at anytime, but let's not tell her that. Watching people get mad for no reason is still pretty funny. As for creative uses, there's always this option: