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eBay and StubHub Acquire Zvents eBay and StubHub Acquire Zvents
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eBay acquired StubHub back in early 2007. Now StubHub has acquired Zvents. So, essentially, eBay has acquired Zvents. Zvents has over 3 million events, generated from 140,000 local marketers in its catalog. It gets 14 million monthly unique visitors. eBay’s …

mtvU Launching Local Online Campus Guides

mtvU is launching an online network of campus guides called Campus Daily Guides.

ZVents Announces Blended Results

Zvents announced their launch of a new, blended search results page for local content. Now, when you do searches on their site, they’ll bring back results for various businesses, events, performances, movies, store sales and more in your local area. Here’s a screengrab of the newly-blended results page: