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Vista Express Upgrade Not On Schedule

There was only one decent reason to buy a PC in the months leading up to the launch of Windows Vista: the Express Upgrade program, which gave buyers of new PCs with Windows XP a free or cheap upgrade to Vista. The "Express" part of the upgrade is turning out to be a bit misleading for Dell customers, with the upgrades arriving on a first-come first-served basis in as many as 6-8 weeks, plus a website that’s experiencing nasty downtime, bugs, driver issues and other kinks.

Zune Phone Confirmed, Could Launch Before iPhone

Last week, Engadget reported that sources close to Microsoft had passed along information about a Zune-based competitor to Apple’s iPhone. Following up on those reports, CrunchGear goes on to say today that the Zune phone is not just a rumor and is confirmed for a 2007 release.

Microsoft To Counter Apple With Zune Phone?

The buzz surrounding the announcement of Apple’s iPhone has reached feverish proportions throughout the blogosphere in recent weeks. Not wanting to be left out of the smartphone party, rumors are now circulating that Microsoft is working on plans to develop its own Zune branded cellular phone.

iTunes Still Far (Really Far) Ahead of Zune.net

Christmas 2006 was another gangbuster for Apple’s iTunes website and all things iPod-associated. Microsoft’s Zune? Not so much. So far, Zune is the GoBot to Apple’s Transformer.

Some Dudes Like The Zune
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After non-stop criticism throughout the Internet of Microsoft’s entry into the portable media player market, the Zune has attracted the attention of males in a couple of age categories.

Zune Searchers Are Just Looking

Hitwise has done an interesting analysis of searches related to iPod and Microsoft’s three-week old competitor Zune. In just under a month, Microsoft has peaked curiosity, but buyers seem reluctant to buy.

Zune Drops To Fifth In Market Sales

After a promising start for the Microsoft Zune player, market sales dropped drastically.

How Did Zune Get Its Name?

The SF Gate has an article where David Placek, founder and CEO of Lexicon, disusses how his company came up with the name Zune. Some bullets:

Race For The Music-Playing Phone

Apple, creator or portable music player dominant the iPod, has begun training to defeat both Nokia and Microsoft in the race for music-playing phone supremacy.

It’s Zune Time

It’s Zune day. Despite my being harsh, two Zunes arrived tonight for me to play with.

Zune Is No Apple, It’s a Lemon

If you didn’t see any lines coming from your local electronics store and wrapping around the block, you weren’t the only one. Microsoft’s big debut of it’s Zune digital music player turned out to be an even bigger let down.

Retrevo And Scoble Tests Out Microsoft Zune

So, what should I do with the two Zunes today to test them out?

DMP Owners Attract Electronics Advertisers

comScore has released a study detailing the habits of online consumers that own digital music players. The devices range from MP3 players to iPods and Microsoft’s new Zune music player.

Zune Bloggers Censored?

As of late, the press and reviews for Microsoft’s digitial music player Zune have been less than stellar. Bearing that in mind, does that give Microsoft the right to disassociate itself from websites or bloggers which they consider disparaging?

Zune Released, PS3 Failure, Vista and more

The Zune came out today, as well as news that Microsoft is paying Universal Music $1 per Zune sold, in order to get Universal’s music in its Zune music store. Looks like the music industry and the mafia aren’t so different after all

Is Zune The iPod Killer?

You would think an epic battle was being fought if you listened to the hype being generated about Microsoft releasing an “equivalent” to Apple’s iPod. Who will win the war of the digital music players: iPod or Zune?

Leaving so Zune?

Microsoft’s MSN Music store customers may soon be singing a different tune if they attempt to use a Zune portable player from the company.

Wheres The Marketing For Zune?

Zunerama’s right: Where the hell is the big advertising push for Microsoft’s Zune?

Microsoft’s Aspirational Zune Advertising

Hey, Microsoft is doing aspirational advertising for Zune. Damn, good TV advertising from Microsoft? Who woulda thunk?

Response from a Zunester (Microsoft Employee)

One of my favorite employees at Microsoft was David Caulton. His analysis of various things was always interesting.

Zune vs. iPod Comparisons

I just saw this list of Zune vs. iPod comparisons over on the Zune Insider Blog. I still don’t have enough data. But my son just bought an 80GB iPod. It’ll be interesting to try a Zune out.