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Internal AdWords Tool Raises Rumors About Rankings

A post by French blog Zorgloob has raised a flurry of rumors about Google organic rankings being influenced by Google AdWords advertising.

Zorgloob posted screenshots from an internal Google tool that assigns scores and classifications to Google’s organic listings raising questions about the way the Google SERPs are determined.

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AdWords Leak Raises Ranking Questions

A French blog presented a glimpse of Google’s search rankings hitherto unseen by anybody outside the AdWords sales department. The big discovery: dollar amounts ascribed organic rankings, among other bits of information.

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Google Mexico Blog

Zorgloob writes that Google has launched an official Mexican company blog.

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Google Releases Super-Tiny Ads

Google AdSense now offers four new ad formats, all of them super-small ad links. Expect to see these ads at the top of pages.

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