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Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Lions Following Death Of Giraffe

In a shocking turn of events, the same zoo that recently killed a giraffe has killed four lions. The zoo, which is located in Denmark, received a large amount of criticism following the death of its giraffe, and will likely see similar treatment after killing lions. It is puzzling why a zoo that has been criticized for a similar event …

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Baby Gorilla Reunited with Mother Following Veterinary Care

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! An adorable baby gorilla at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was physically introduced to her mother Monday following medical treatment. The 12-day-old baby was born to her mother Imani on March 12 via emergency cesarean section. Zoo staff immediately noticed, however, that the baby was having respiratory issues and needed to be admitted for 24-hour veterinary care. Associate …

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Cleveland Zoo Hippo Killed in Captivity

The Nile hippopotamus is one of the largest land mammals on the planet, behind elephants and white rhinos. Their closest living relatives are dolphins and whales, and they are considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The Cleveland Zoo explains: Blackie came to the Zoo from Africa in 1955 when he was about 1 year old. He …

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Red Panda Missing For 7 Hours Found Safe

Red panda Rusty, who is fairly new to the Smithsonian National Zoo, escaped early this morning and caused an intensive search, which lasted until almost 2:30 today. When Rusty wasn’t found in his cage around 7:30 this morning, an alert was issued within the zoo and a search party formed. He eluded capture until this afternoon, when someone spotted him …

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