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Rare Zonkey Born At Zoo In Mexico

A rare zonkey was born at the Reynosa Zoo in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas in Mexico. The baby zonkey was born on April 21 and his name is Khumba. Although there are other zonkeys in the world, they are very rare. Zebras and donkeys have a different number of chromosomes. Zebras have between 32 and 46 and donkeys have …

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Zonkey Born in Northern Mexico Zoo

Reynosa Zoo in northern Mexico welcomed a new baby zonkey to their facility on Monday, April 21. A what, you ask? A zonkey. Zebra + Donkey = Zonkey. The newborn named Khumba is quite a rare species in the animal world since zebra and donkey chromosomes are not usually compatible; however, when Khumba’s mother, a female zebra named Rayas, met …

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Zonkey Born In Italy After Zebra Climbed Fence To Mate With Donkey

A rare zonkey has been born in Florence, Italy after a zebra became amorous and climbed a fence to mate with a female donkey. Officials at the wildlife reserve say the fence was put up for just that reason, but you can’t stop true love. The zebra didn’t let a little fence stand in the way once he spotted the …

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