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BlogWorld: SEO Tips For Bloggers
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WebProNews is in Las Vegas this week at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. In the session "Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices", the speakers focused on SEO tips for bloggers.

Video: Vanessa Fox on Zillow

At SES San Jose I was able to sit down with Vanessa Fox to talk briefly about some of the basic features of the Google Webmaster Central service and posted that interview but was also able to do a second video about her new role at Zillow.

Zillow “Rezeives” $30 Million In Funding

As funding rounds go, this was a big one: Zillow raised a fresh $30 million.  Look for the already-popular real estate site to really take off as a result.

Zillow Adds New Features
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Zillow, a real estate Web site has added several new community features to their site. The most notable are individual neighborhood pages in over 130 U.S. cities and 6,500 neighborhoods.

Top 10 Reasons Vanessa Fox Left Google

Well, the search marketing industry was mildly rocked this week by the news that the much-beloved Vanessa Fox will be leaving Google where she was something of a maven, spokesperson, and technical evangelista for some years. The news has left me rather verklempt!

Google’s Loss, Zillow’s Gain
On a bittersweet note, Vanessa Fox announced in her official blog that she was leaving Google, the brand that has made her one of the most popular names among webmasters, for Zillow, a Real estate-based search engine.

Vanessa Fox Leaving Google

Google’s popular conference spokesperson and member of the Webmaster Central team, has announced that she is leaving the company to join real estate search company, Zillow.

Google Lets The Fox Out

The Google Eye-Candy Jar is officially less full. Webmaster Central’s Vanessa Fox is leaving the search giant to pursue Rand Fishkin a job with Zillow.

Vanessa Fox Moves
Vanessa Fox Moves
Trulia Takes In $10 Million In Funding

Some weeks are “product” weeks – the companies all have something they want to release.  This has been a “money” week – crazy amounts have been thrown around.  And – although the amount of craziness and throwing involved here is debatable – real estate search engine Trulia has just joined the crowd by raising $10 million in funding.

Zillow Has The Nicest Real Estate

Really great visit with Zillow today. They are less than a year old. Their business plan called for having a million visitors by today. So far they have more than three.

Zillow Plans To Open API

Yahoo has been using the API as part of its partnership deal with the Zillow home value tracking website, and Zillow plans to open that up to other developers.

Yahoo, Zillow Peek Into Homes

Instead of wondering just how much the neighbors paid for the house across the street, Yahoo provides an easier way to search for home values with the help of Zillow.

Zillow’s aerial from Microsoft, Yahoo! and GeoEye

You may have heard that Zillow.com has announced the addition of a significant amount of clarity and visual information to its home and neighborhood images with the addition of bird’s eye views from Microsoft Virtual Earth.

Zillow Resides In Home Valuation Search

The buyer and seller-focused site debuted recently and offers valuations and information on over 60 million homes in the US, and delivers a map view of a property queried on the site.

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