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Zend Framework 3 Roadmap Announced Zend Framework 3 Roadmap Announced

PHP company Zend announced the roadmap for Zend Framework 3, its next-generation PHP-based application framework for web and mobile apps. Zend Framework 3 includes a new design, which the company says takes advantage of the PHP language evolution, as well …

Zend Takes PHP App Platform To Amazon Web Services Zend Takes PHP App Platform To Amazon Web Services

PHP company Zend announced that it’s delivering its PHP application platform as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) advanced cloud service through the AWS Marketplace. This, the company says, will empower app developers to develop better apps fastel, deploy them continuously, …

Zend Framework 2.1.0 Is Now Available Zend Framework 2.1.0 Is Now Available
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Zend Framework 1 has been a popular open source PHP framework since it was introduced a few years ago. It’s successor, Zend Framework 2, was released in September of last year. The team behind it have now released a major …

Playing w/ del.icio.us Web Badge JSON API
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Niall Kennedy wrote on his blog that The Yahoo Developer Network provided a short preview of the soon to be released del.icio.us webbadge.

OSS Is Changing The Game

Zack, the three examples you give appear to me as signs that OSS is under attack by vendors who don’t gork the value of an open community & the customer value delivered. Yep, even the MSFT deal with Zend.

Microsoft and Zend Play Nice

Probably more than one jaw hit the floor when yesterday Zend and Microsoft announced that they were going to start playing nicely with each other. If anyone has ever tried to get PHP to load into a windows 2003 server probably knows what I am talking about too.

PHP Firm Zend Lands $20 Million

Zend develops products for PHP development, and the company just hauled in $20 million in Series D Funding; a “strong candidate” for the open CEO job may be named in the coming weeks.

Zend’s Talks To The Oracle

Zend announced yesterday the availability of Zend Core, their commercialized version of PHP, for Oracle for IBM AIX, Linux and Sun Solaris and a beta version of Zend Core for Microsoft’s Windows platform.

Oracle 10g Offers Integration With PHP Via Zend

The popular PHP scripting language gets a boost from database giant Oracle’s partnership with Zend Technologies.