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Valentines Day, Grammys Top Weekly Zeitgeist

Searchers looking for last minute gifts for the special someone, researching the origins of Valentine’s Day, and music enthusiasts soaking in the coverage from this year’s Grammy awards comprised the majority of Google queries last week.

Google Defends “Meaningless” Zeitgeist

When Google put out its year-end Zeitgeist, an account of the hottest searches in 2006, bloggers immediately felt the list’s creators were fudging it a little for decency’s sake. Google responded on its blog saying the list was edited to save us from the boredom of constants and givens.

Searching For A Google Christmas

Google’s weekly report on the top search gainers, Zeitgeist, came with its usual disheartening revelations, boxed and wrapped by Christmas fanfare.

Sadly (Or Not), Search Mirrors Life

Save your judgments, o cultural elitists, as the holidays descend upon us once again and the masses search, in real, true harmony, for their true hearts’ desires: consuming mass quantities and dishing the dirt.

Another Week, Another Zeitgeist

The Google Zeitgeist for the week ending June 5 (yes, it’s slightly out of date) featured a smattering of sports-related items among the usual mishmash. In case you don’t know, the Zeitgeist is a list of the top fifteen “gaining search queries.”

Barbaro, Barton, And Hoffa, Oh My

What was most on the minds of Internet users last week? Barbaro, apparently – the racehorse fractured his leg in the Preakness, and originally had only 50/50 odds of survival. Fortunately, his recovery is going well and his chances have improved. Web surfers were also thinking about Mischa Barton, Jimmy Hoffa, and “Over the Hedge,” evidently.

Google Trends Opens-up Zeitgeist

Listening to the Google Press Day stream, it appears the company has launched Google Trends – basically opening up Google Zeitgeist to marketers.

Google Zeitgeist: The Year In Graphs

After a tumultuous year of natural disasters, terror attacks, celebrity hoopla, dead popes, and pop-star courtroom shenanigans, Google has released its 2005 Year-End Zeitgeist to give us a “selective view of our collective year.” Who knew a graphic rendition of the year would look like a bunch of wavy lines? My head hurts. Darn techies.

Googles Zeitgeist Conference Buzz

I’m sitting here with Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords. He picked me up from the airport tonight. I have spent the last few hours telling him all about the Google Zeitgeist conference.

Google Zeitgeist Gathering A Private Affair

Media and Internet luminaries will be on hand to chat about all kinds of topics at Google’s invitation-only event – with no reporting allowed.

Porn Podcasts Are The Most Searched
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There are two types of popular search reports. The first kind gives users a cleaned-up version so they won’t offend their visitors and users.

Sex Still Popular With Search Engines

As the ability to search massive amounts of data on the Internet becomes more and more apart of our day to day living, it’s easy to see what search patterns the majority of users follow.

The Google Zeitgeist (or Whats Hot and Whats Not?)

Ever wonder what the heck people search for on Google? Wonder no more! Google summaries it’s history of search terms each week, month and year, categorized by various subjects and countries of origin.

Read People’s Minds with Google

Google has launched a new tool called Google Suggest that will suggest search terms as you type them.

Drudge Report Is Third Most Searched For News Source

According to Google Zeitgeist, the internet based Drudge Report is the third most searched for news source as of October, 2004.

Search Engine Optimizing Toward The Hispanic Community
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There has been a running discussion among the SEO community about whether or not going through the efforts of optimizing web content for Hispanic visitors is a valid exercise. Some believe that optimizing and marketing towards a community that isn’t known as being search engine savvy (a misconception) isn’t a worthwhile endeavor.

Nick Berg Video Leads Search Engine Queries

The gruesome beheading video of Nick Berg has become the most queried item in search engines, according to Terra Lycos’ Weekly Top 50. The site which initially aired the video, Muntada al-Ansar, was 3rd on Lycos’ list.