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Affiliate Summit: Ze Frank Speaks

Snicker, laugh, chortle, chuckle gaffaw, hmm, wait, what’d he say? That seems to be the overall reaction to vlogger Ze Frank’s keynote address this morning at Affiliate Summit 2007 in Miami.

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The Future of Video – Now

We are in PR. We know the medium is the message, and people love videos. PR has used video news releases and satellite media tours to great results – I always had great returns on SMTs, and think that they were great hits for the clients. But, we ran into some problems there, didn’t we.

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Vlogger Slams Rocketboom, Nerd Fight Ensues

If you haven’t heard of him yet, that’s because he hadn’t verbally accosted the darling of the vlogging world yet. Ze Frank, host of “The Show,” Rocketboomed himself into an authentic charts-and-graphs nerd fight with Andrew Baron. There, now you’ve heard of him.

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