Zango Articles

Holy Fakes, Batman!
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Maybe it’s time to give stiffer penalties than fines to online deceivers—sounds like companies like Zango just consider them a cost of doing business. The company’s most recent attempt to put Adware on unsuspecting kids’ computers comes in the form of an online Batman game.

Zango’s Got a Secret Crush on Facebook
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Zango’s at it again, showing the company will stoop to any level to serve pop-up ads to people that don’t want them. What’s being dubbed by security experts as a malicious social worm is brought to you via Zango and Facebook’s open platform.

Zango Ignoring FTC Requirements

Sneaky pop-up ad company Zango settled with the Federal Trade Commission last November, paying $3 million in penalties and agreeing to stop duping users into downloading adware. But it appears the company is still up to its old tricks.

FTC Slaps Zango On The Wrist
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Zango Inc., the Web 2.0 incarnation of bubble-era adware and porno-popup company 180solutions, settled up with the Federal Trade Commission to the tune of $3 million (about 23 cents per install). The FTC charged that Zango used unfair and deceptive methods to download adware to users computers and then block them from removing it.

Want Free Games? Have Some Porn Too
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No one in their right mind would offer free game downloads for kids that comes with porno-popping adware right? And surely another right-minded entity wouldn’t allow such a proprietor to sponsor their kid-targeted webpage right? Wrong on both counts. Warner Brothers and Zango, what were you thinking?