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China Bubonic Plague: City Quarantined, One Dead

In China bubonic plague has forced officials to quarantine parts of the city of Yumen, which is located in the northwestern portion of the country. A 38-year-old man in that city died of bubonic plague last week. He had reportedly been in contact with a dead marmot, which is a type of squirrel-like rodent. Close to 100,000 people have been …

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Plague Found in China, City of Yumen Sealed Off

Chinese state media reported Tuesday that the city of Yumen has been sealed off since last week, after a 38-year-old man died of bubonic plague. Yumen, which has a population of roughly 30,000, is situated in the northwestern province of Gansu, and is presently surrounded by police at roadblocks. No residents are allowed to leave the established perimeter, and travelers …

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