YuMe Articles

Microsoft, YuMe Seal Deal

Microsoft may have a market cap of over $268 billion, but the corporation isn’t an expert in every field.  So, whenever Microsoft isn’t able to sell video ad inventory, a new agreement will have its friend YuMe step in to handle the task.

Inside the Online Video Ad Industry with YuMe

Since tons of people are coming into the online video business it’s good to know about how the money is going to show up.

Lara Croft Gets View-Throughs, Not Click-Throughs

Broadband video advertising company YuMe Networks just got its Lara Croft in your p2p, or got its p2p into…this sentence can’t finish well. Let me try again. YuMe Networks is allowing marketers to insert dynamic video advertising directly into downloadable content on the BitTorrent Entertainment Network. 

That’s what I get for trying to be cute.

The company says the new program is the first of its kind, offering customized and targeted downloaded or streamed content, displayable on any digital content player.