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Breaking Bad Gets a Requiem For a Dream Video Tribute

No other show matches Breaking Bad in grit and intensity, at least on cable television. Now the fifth and final season is upon us. To celebrate (and to prepare for next season), we present to you a video that matches the intensity of Breaking Bad with an equally intense movie in Requiem For a Dream. This video gives us a …

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Cat and Mouse Make Amends: Hug it Out

In a final resolution to the age old struggle between cats and mice. A mouse has recently cuddled up to a sleeping cat in an attempt to make amends for his existence. The cat, perhaps worn-out physically and emotionally from years on the mouse-war front, wraps his arm around the submissive critter, saying “there, there… I’m sorry for ever chasing …

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PAC-MAN Fan Film Deserves to Become a Full Length Feature

The video starts out with a sexy reporter covering a series of unexplained power outages that continue throughout the state of Nevada. She moves on to say that the source of the outages is believed to be the Maze Compound, which lies 600 feet below the desert’s surface. The secrecy surrounding the purpose of the facility has led many people …

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