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MySpace China Partners With Video Site Youku

Chinese video sharing site Youku has entered into an exclusive partnership with MySpace China aimed at the local market.

Youku says the partnership will bring in traffic to both sites, making them more valuable for global advertisers looking to reach online users cost effectively.

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Title Of “YouTube Clone” Not Youku’s

It might have been clever the first few years, but we’ve now entered a stage at which everyone who calls something "the new black" deserves to have their lips paperclipped shut.  On a related note, having a site describe itself as "the new YouTube" may be less annoying, but stats are likely to show that it’s no more accurate.

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There’s seems to be some small, subtle thing that keeps Google from succeeding in China.  Unfortunately, I can’t identify it (the ability to do that is probably worth a lot of money).  But as further proof of its existence, a Chinese YouTube clone just received $25 million in funding.

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