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Consumers’ Brand Perception Of Yahoo Is Down, But On The Rebound

YouGov, which measures consumers’ perception of various brands, is reporting that brand perception of Yahoo is down considerably over the past year, and particularly since the whole NSA PRISM scandal broke. “One year after Marissa Mayer assumed the CEO title at Yahoo, the company’s stock price is approximately 60% higher than when she started, but the company’s brand health measurements, …

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Google, Google+ Make Gains In Brand Perception

Google gets it from all angles at all times – the criticism, that is. In the search industry, it’s an everyday thing. It comes with the territory of search market dominance. Google obviously has a lot more to its brand than search, however, and according to a new report from YouGov BrandIndex, the company’s perception among U.S. consumers is on …

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Leaked Super Bowl Ads Didn’t Do Companies Any Favors

Before the Super Bowl, many companies were eager for consumers to feast their eyes on the much-anticipated commercials set to debut during the game. Some literally couldn’t wait and “leaked” their commercials a few days early. This was likely done to generate some early buzz for products, but a new analysis reveals that the plan may have backfired for some …

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Groupon Brand Perception Doing Well, Despite “Flubs”

YouGov BrandIndex shared some findings with us regarding brand perception around Groupon in light of the company’s (what some might refer to as) blunders. 

A spokesperson for the firm tells WebProNews, "With two strikes under its belt within 10 days of each other (Super Bowl ad, flower debacle), how’s Groupon consumer perception faring? People love the bargains of Groupon, but they are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with what’s been going on."

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Report: Brand Perception Suffers in 2010 for Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace

WebProNews received some interesting findings from YouGov BrandIndex, indicating that it has not been a good year for public perception of social media brands (which in this case includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL, in addition to more obvious brands like Facebook and MySpace).

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