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YouTube Talks Politics

Social networks have become deeply involved in the political process and have attracted the attention of all the major presidential candidates. WebProNews spoke to YouTube about its role in the 2008 presidential election.

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DigitalJournal Gets Presidential has added a new section for presidential candidates to discuss and debate issues with the public and citizen journalists.

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YouTube, CNN To Sponsor Democratic Debates

Lawsuit magnet YouTube is partnering with CNN to be a co-sponsor for the first of six Democratic Party debates for the 2008 race.

YouTube has become increasingly active in the political realm as of late. Last month they launched Citizen Tube, designed to attract people to express their views on political topics.

In addition they also launched YouChoose, a presidential channel focused on the major presidential candidates.

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YouTube Launches CitizenTube

YouTube has created a channel for the politically minded and has launched CitizenTube. Their goal is to attract people to express themselves using video on political topics covering local, state, national and international politics.

Steve Grove, YouTube’s News and Political Editor will edit the channel. The channel will aggregate political videos that currently exist on the site as well as new user generated content. They also request political video links that users think deserve more attention.

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Google Reaches Out To Presidential Campaigns

Google is holding lectures giving tips to political and advocacy group consultants, showing them how to better use all of Google’s services in managing their messages. According to the Los Angeles Times, Google packed 80 consultants into a lecture hall earlier this month, and conducted an hourlong seminar showing:

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