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Montana Yoga Pants Ban Bill Was Literally Laughed Out of the Room

Earlier this week, we told you about Montana State rep David Moore, a Republican with a mission. Moore sponsored House Bill 365, which made headlines as the bill that wanted to ban yoga pants. And speedos. And tight, beige tank tops, really. Well, it brings me great pleasure to report that the bill is dead. Not only dead, but it …

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This Lawmaker Wants to Ban Yoga Pants and Speedos

Meet David “Doc” Moore, a Republican legislator from Missoula, Montana. David Moore would like you to please refrain from wearing any sort of form-fitting clothing in public, thank you very much. Moore has sponsored a bill, House Bill 365, that would strengthen the state’s indecent exposure laws to include the mere outline of someone’s butt, let’s say, Or their nipple, …

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Yoga Pants Banned From North Dakota School

Yoga pants are a popular fashion trend and it seems like you either have to love them or hate them. The pants are so tight fitting that some people have a hard time looking at them and many even call them offensive. One school in North Dakota has decided to ban the pants in order to keep from distracting the …

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Lululemon Shares Fall After Analyst Criticizes Company’s Lack Of Strategy

Lululemon shares took a beating today after a Sterne analyst said the company didn’t provide an effective plan for growth. The company’s share price was down 2.64 points before trading ended today, but the price has risen 0.06 points in after hours trading. While a falling share price is certainly trouble, this isn’t the first time that the athletic wear …

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Sundresses and Pants By Lululemon: Worth the Cost?

Sundresses and tank tops are just about ready to be in season for spring and summer, and yoga gear maker Lululemon has jumped on the bandwagon this year, according to Yahoo Finance. The workout fashion giant has launched a new line of activewear for women on the go called, appropriately, &Go. The line features sundresses, tank tops, and summer pants …

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Lululemon Founder Blames Women for See-Through Yoga Pants Problem

Remember the yoga pants by Lululemon that were recalled earlier this year because of the slight issue of them becoming see-through? Lululemon founder Chip Wilson found himself in hot water last week after he blamed women for the problem with his yoga pants. People were outraged with his comments, no surprise there, and Wilson has since issued an apology via …

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