Winners Of Yahoo Yodeling Contest Announced

Winners Of Yahoo Yodeling Contest Announced

By Doug Caverly November 17, 2009 | 5 Comments

About one month ago, Yahoo launched a new campaign to get people excited about its brand, and as part of the exercise, asked individuals to put their spin on the famous Yahoo yodel.  This afternoon, Yahoo identified the three people who stood out from the crowd.

Yahoo, Telefonica Team Up

Telefonica has sponsorship ties to F1 racing, and for that reason, I’m inclined to like the company.  Its main interest is in telecommunications, however, and it’s due to this connection that Telefonica partnered with Yahoo.

Yahoo Hacks New Shopping, Travel Products
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The last Internal Hack Day at Yahoo, 24 hours of coding fun fueled by lots of pizza, has yielded a couple of new services that have been rolled out to their Travel and Shopping products.

Yahoo Takes BlueLithium For $300M

Online ad network BlueLithium, the fifth largest in the US, joins the Yahoo fold to give the company a boost in its performance marketing efforts.

Yahoo Eats Up Attention From The Onion

It could be an act of misdirection – “here, watch the funny man while we fire you one by one!” – but things nonetheless took a lighthearted turn at Yahoo when Peter Koechley, Managing Editor of The Onion, came to visit.

Yahoo Better Than Google At Unimportant Games

This article has nothing to do with market share, revenue, or even brand recognition.  But in search-related news, Yahoo representatives beat Google in both slot car racing and cricket.

Yahoo Launches Green Icon Contest

Yahoo’s in need of a “Green icon.”  What’s that, you ask?  Well, it may be your call – the search company is holding a design contest to find this icon, and will donate $20,000 to an environmental nonprofit agency of the winner’s choice.

Yahoo Connects Re-Org To Mission
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The minor shuffling Yahoo undertook last year saw the formation of three divisions to oversee the company’s operations. Yahoo Network Division head Jeff Weiner explained how it’s going to work.

Yahoo Raises The Email Stakes

Beginning in May, Yahoo email users will have unlimited storage available to keep all of their messages and attachments in the service.

Yahoo Approves Of Visits As Metric

Measuring page views doesn’t feed the bulldog these days, thanks to dynamic technologies that update web pages without forcing a full page reload.

Yahoo Yodels With New Blog

The Yodel Anecdotal site, debuting as “yet another self-serving corporate blog,” will offer an inside look at life within Yahoo.