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Aaron Paul Launches Yo, BITCH App for Jesse Pinkman-Style Messaging

Yo, the app that totally revolutionized vague messaging, man, by letting users send out the word “Yo” to their friends, was always missing that extra spark. Thankfully, Breaking Bad‘s own Jesse Pinkman has done his part to remedy that. Aaron Paul has just launched a new iOS app called Yo BITCH (stylized as YB in the App Store because Apple …

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Yo Gets the Only Review You Need to See: Y?

With tens of thousands of users, millions of communications, and over a million dollars of new funding – the hottest app on the block is Yo. If you haven’t been following the whole Yo thing, I’ll devote about a sentence to bringing you up to speed. Basically, Yo is an app that allows users, with a single tap, to send …

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