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Yelp Check-In Title System To Match Real-World Yelp Check-In Title System To Match Real-World

Yelp has made some changes to their title system to make their check-in system more of a reflection of the real world. For those of you who don’t know what a check-in is, Yelp offers this explanation: “A check-in is …

Yelp Sets Share Price For March IPO Yelp Sets Share Price For March IPO
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In November we reported that Yelp had filed for its IPO. The original filing stated that Yelp intended to raise $100 million. Yesterday Yelp filed paperwork with the SEC to set its share rpice and the date of its IPO. …

Online Advertising is More Than Just Clicks! Online Advertising is More Than Just Clicks!
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I noticed a VentureBeat article that makes me shake my head in amazement at the apparent lack of understanding of online advertising. The sensationalistic headline, “Yelp advertising is a rip-off for small advertisers” reveals a simplistic viewpoint on the value …

Yelp Users Are Easy To Spot Yelp Users Are Easy To Spot

Yelp is an easy way to check in and review restaurants and other establishments in cities across the U.S. Its users, or are they yelpers, are the reason the service is so popular. It allows users to compare reviews for …

Groupon To Enter Yelp Territory? Groupon To Enter Yelp Territory?
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It appears that Groupon may be looking to get more into Yelp’s territory if unconfirmed rumors turn out to be true. TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid says he has heard from unnamed sources that the company is in talks to acquire Clever …

Yelp IPO Filed For 2012 Yelp IPO Filed For 2012

Yelp has filed for its initial public offering. Reports have had it valued between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. The company outlines its growth strategy in the SEC filing: We intend to grow our platform and our business by focusing …

Google Antitrust Hearing Takes Place Today Google Antitrust Hearing Takes Place Today

Google’s big antitrust hearing with the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust is today at 2:00PM. The witness list includes: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Nextag CEO Jeff Katz, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, Covington & Burling LLP partner …

Why Zagat Might Be a Smarter Purchase for Google Than Yelp Why Zagat Might Be a Smarter Purchase for Google Than Yelp
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By now you’ve heard the news that Google has purchased Zagat Reviews. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Zagat, it has a worldwide set of reviews that travelers have relied on for decades to choose the right restaurant. …

Groupon Deals Could Hurt the Reputation of Your Business Groupon Deals Could Hurt the Reputation of Your Business
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The type of headline we ran here probably isn’t exactly the kind of thing Groupon wants to see circulating throughout the Blogosphere these days, considering all the negative press the company has been getting lately, but it is a conclusion …

The Decline of Yelp Deals The Decline of Yelp Deals
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As discussed in a previous article, Yelp is cutting back on its Deals positions, which is interesting considering that it comes at a time when Facebook is pulling the plug on its deals product (though it will still have check-in …

Yelp Cuts Back On Daily Deals, Great Timing for Groupon Yelp Cuts Back On Daily Deals, Great Timing for Groupon

It’s an interesting time for the daily deals space. As previously reported, Facebook, which may assumed would be a major player, has decided to fold its deals product, though the company is keeping around check-in deals. Yelp, another popular service …

Yelp Launches App for iPad

Yelp has launched a long-awaited (by iPad users) iPad app. It’s now available in the iTunes Store. 

The app lets users do the following:

- Search for businesses using a new landscape map/list mode, or flip your iPad into portrait for a full screen view

- Browse business information and reviews

- Write Yelp reviews and share to Twitter and/or Facebook

- Bookmark businesses you want to try or have been meaning to review

- Sign up for a Yelp Account

Businesses Can Offer Customers Deals for Checking In with Yelp

Yelp has announced check-in offers for businesses, meaning that businesses can offer Yelp users special deals for checking in at their place of business. Check-ins are tied to Twitter and Faecbook (for Android and iPhone users), so when a user checks in, they are potentially sharing it with a lot of their friends. 

The feature is part of the business owner dashboard on Yelp, and the company says it gives businesses a measurable way to reward their loyal customers while attracting new ones. 

Yelp Launches Windows Phone 7 App
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Now that Windows Phone 7 devices are available in the U.S. we can expect that apps to start flooding in. Yelp announced its new Windows Phone 7 app today, available in Europe and the U.S. 

The app lets users use location-aware technology to find restaurants, shops, bars, etc. and read reviews for businesses, browse photos, map business locations, and get directions. 

What’s Going on in Search and eBusiness
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At SMX East in New York, Bing announced new Webmaster Tools features including a link report. Google also added percent change data to its own Webmaster Tools query reports. More on these here.

Yelp Beats “Deceptive Acts” Claims

Yelp recently won a case against a dentist who tried who sued the site over a negative review, claiming defamation and "deceptive acts and practices" under New York state law.

Yelp Surpasses 13 Million Reviews
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Yelp announced that it has surpassed 13 million reviews. I wonder how many of them are positive.  In a post on the company blog, CEO Jeremy Stoppelman writes:

Yelp Wins: Less Search Visibility

It looks like Yelp may have gotten its wish – for Google not to use its data for Place Pages. It is still unclear to me how less search engine visibility is a good thing, but, Google Place Pages appear to have eliminated Yelp.

Twitter Lures Sales Execs Away From Facebook, Yelp

Whatever company handles Twitter’s business cards should soon be tasked with printing a lot more batches.  Twitter’s hired two people away from Facebook and Yelp, and these individuals will act as sales execs, establishing teams and presumably "meeting and greeting" lots of potential advertisers.

When Did Search Engine Visibility Become a Bad Thing?
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Google and Yelp have had some issues for sometime, following a failed acquisition attempt, but it’s rare that the tensions between the two companies are aired for an audience. That is just what happened at TechCrunch’s Social Currency Crunchup event.

Yelp Facebook Implementation Exposes Security Concerns
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If privacy concerns weren’t enough to get people thinking about deleting their Facebook accounts, they also have security concerns to consider. As Facebook takes over the web, user information goes with it. One can only imagine the potential threats that are lurking around the corner.