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Yahoo’s NewFront Event Reveals New Projects Yahoo’s NewFront Event Reveals New Projects

Yesterday Yahoo! held their Digital NewFront event to showcase new and original video content for upcoming series and presentations to their large and growing global audience. The event was attended by Hollywood favorites like Tom Hanks and industry leaders like …

Nielsen: Yahoo Video Jumps To Near-Lead
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It’s not April Fools’ Day, and some sort of mathematical miscalculation doesn’t seem to have occurred.  Instead, surprising as the situation may be, Yahoo’s video property appears to have become more popular than the ones owned by Fox, Microsoft, and Nickelodeon.

Yahoo Video To Host National Lampoon Channel

Comedy site National Lampoon announced today that it has launched a National Lampoon video channel on Yahoo Video.

Yahoo Video Plans New Attack On YouTube

There are dozens of YouTube competitors, and most people would be hard-pressed to name four of them – they’re often (comparatively) itty-bitty sites with equally small user bases and budgets.  Yahoo’s got some heft to it, however, and the company is preparing to strengthen the service that’s known as Yahoo Video.

Yahoo Teams With San Francisco Film Society

Yahoo Video has teamed with the San Francisco Film Society for the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival GreenWorld Contest powered by Yahoo’s Jumpcut. The two will also launch a branded video channel featuring content from the San Francisco Film Society.

Chinese Journalists Supported On Yahoo Video

The new video service from Yahoo now matches competitors YouTube and Google Video in permitting users to upload videos to the service for sharing with others; two videos that made it to the system may be a bit embarrassing to Yahoo.

Yahoo Rolls Out Video Update

The new update for Yahoo Video adds uploading to the site, so its users can publish and share the videos they create through the service.