Yahoo Shortcuts Articles

Yahoo Aims For Better Local Business Results
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Yahoo’s got something to offer people who are tired of typing cities’ names and zip codes into search boxes.  Today, the company announced improved local business results that will allow users to find nearby places without first providing tons of details.

Yahoo Upgrades Local Search Performance
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The next time you want to look up or research a local business, Yahoo intends to be there for you.  Yahoo Shortcuts now display a lot more information right on the regular results pages, which should make the search process less click-intensive and time-consuming.

Yahoo Makes The Assist, Web 2.0-ifies Results
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Just as the commotion died down over Microsoft’s Live Search update, Yahoo comes forward with some thunder of its own, unveiling its new Search Assist feature, an interface also focused more on user intent (the new buzz word in search, apparently), with a healthy dose of user-generated content thrown in for good measure.