Yahoo! Real Estate Articles

Yahoo Real Estate Unveils New Search Experience

Pity the poor person who’s trying to sell a house in this market; with prices diving and places available on almost every street, they probably won’t get a great deal.  But an updated Yahoo Real Estate aims to make sure sales at least occur, and it might become a buyer’s dream.

Yahoo Real Estate Finds New Partner

Yahoo Real Estate has partnered with NewHomeSource.com, a site that offers new home construction listings.

Yahoo Real Estate, Apartments.com Partner

Finding permanent housing is a tricky thing – one has to consider location, price, size, age, and about a million other factors; renters have it even tougher, in a sense, as they have to make those choices year after year.  Now Yahoo Real Estate has decided that Apartments.com is just the site to help these people out.

Yahoo And Reply Partner

Reply, a provider of online consumer services focused on the real estate and automotive industry has partnered with Yahoo Real Estate to offer their home valuation information.

Yahoo Searches For Mortgage Rates

As part of the revisions to their real estate site, Yahoo has added mortgage rate information to its search functions and returning those rates on the search results page.