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Taylor Swift Talks Transition From Country To Pop

When Taylor Swift held a worldwide live stream event to announce the details about her upcoming fifth album titled 1989, she declared it the “favorite album I’ve ever made” and her “very first documented, official pop album.” She also revealed …

Yahoo Redesigns A Bunch More Of Its Sites Yahoo Redesigns A Bunch More Of Its Sites
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Yahoo announced today that it is rolling out a redesign of Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Music, Yahoo TV, Yahoo omg!, Yahoo Games and Yahoo Weather. “This is the next step in building a more modern, consistent and personalized Yahoo! …

Yahoo Music Gets Former Universal Exec As New Chief

The music industry is a big business; there must be hundreds of thousands of performers and managers in the world.  But there are just four major labels – Warner, EMI, Sony, and Universal – and so Yahoo seems to have made a rather significant hire by securing a former Universal exec as the head of Yahoo Music.

Yahoo Music Makes Peace with iTunes, Amazon, YouTube

Yahoo Music is doing its best "come one, come all" carnival barker imitation.  Starting tomorrow, existing Artist Pages will be customizable with modules from iTunes, Amazon, Last.fm, Rhapsody, Pandora, and YouTube, and more exciting stuff is on the way, too. 

Delicious Provides a New Way to Listen to Audio
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Delicous has started integrating Yahoo Music’s FoxyPlayer into the social bookmarking site. Users can now listen to playlists based on bookmarks.

Yahoo Music Is Shutting Its Doors

There had to be a better way. It’s no surprise that Yahoo! Music is shutting down its download store and pointing customers to Rhapsody.  But did they have to pull a Microsoft and stop supporting the retrieval of license keys or authorize playback on additional computers? Here’s the email that came last night:

Yahoo Acquires FoxyTunes


Yahoo Music Sings New Song

Do you ever have trouble remembering lyrics to songs?

Yahoo Music plans to change that with their agreement with digital media company Gracenote.

Yahoo Music will now offer lyrics of 400,000 songs licensed from Gracenote to their users.

Goldberg and Roback Leave Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music head David Goldberg is exiting the struggling division along with Music GM Robert Roback.

Goldberg has been one of the industry’s first and most vocal voices for dropping DRM in downloads. Yahoomusic_3

2007: The Year that DRM Died
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This year promises to mark even more innovations in the realms of marketing, search, and digital music technology. The greatest feat of 2007 may not come in terms of an addition, but rather the removal of Digital Rights Management (DRM) practices from online music stores such as iTunes and the Zune marketplace.